Character development is now trending in social media. It is often used when netizens talked about government officials who went from good to bad. For example, a former human rights lawyer now condones extra-judicial killings. Another example is an idealist who turned into a corrupt politician.

That’s one way of looking at character development.

Character Development

Character development refers to the steps taken by our society to ensure that we grow to be good people. Even in the workplace, there are attempts to develop us into good workers through the WAVE (Work Attitude and Values Enhancement) program.

In stories, character development can be the transformation of the hero from zero. From someone who was reluctant to go on a journey.

Character development started at home. Our parents taught us that there are traits and values which are good and acceptable in our society. For the Tagalogs, they’ve been learning about respect with po and opo and pagmamano.

We learned that family is important. We need to take care of our siblings while they are young and our parents when they get very old.

Character development continued in school. We learned good values through values education. We developed socially acceptable traits in the playground.

Just like in literature, a character demonstrates unique values and traits that make him either a hero, a sidekick, or a villain.

We do not need to play a character. Instead, we can decide for ourselves what we want to become. Character development (values, traits, and behaviors) is part of personal development. It does not end in school.

These days, gurus repackaged character development into a sellable name: personal branding.

Personal Development

Personal development refers to the study and practice of developing a person’s capabilities, talents, and assets. It includes activities that improve employability, performance, and productivity. It enhances the quality of life, the achievement of professional goals, and the realization of an individual’s noblest dreams. Personal development aims for self-improvement, evolution, and transformation.

The pursuit of personal development includes character development. You can say that character development is a small circle inside the big circle of personal development. 

Our character change over time. Often, people do not notice the difference because they are unaware of it. Often, we are changed by what happened to us. 

When we become mindful of how we live, we make deliberate changes in our character. Personal development is a proactive approach to transforming our lives, including developing our new character.

Personal Development is transformation

Personal Development: Meaning, Steps, and Resources

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