Good leaders make good leaders

Good Leaders: Start Here, Now

Good leaders are the most valuable assets of any organization. Unfortunately, good leaders are very few. If we want real change to happen, we must point the spotlight on good leaders.

Nothing will change if we keep on doing what we have always done. Choosing good leaders over bad will impact our future. Developing good leaders is our insurance that our organization, like our nation, will progress.

Speaking of our nation, I am puzzled why we turned our government into a Smokey Mountain. Why every time we move forward, we elect leaders who make us move a few steps backward?

I cannot talk much about your organization. But our common experience will serve to illustrate why we need good leaders.

So, let us talk about the Philippine government for a while.

We lack good leaders in our national government. Most of them turn their offices into family businesses. Our problems remain because they profit from our problems. They get richer while the citizens get poorer. They appoint their supporters to public offices based on utang na loob, not merits. They cannot solve problems in times of crisis.

We are sick-and-tired of leaders who raise their voices when asked for solutions. They blame us for their faults. They tell us how to behave but exempt themselves. They give government positions as prizes to loyal but unqualified people. They use our money to pay for utang na loob.

We want a better world. Our leaders promised to bring us to that world to get elected. But they preserve the status quo because they are afraid of real change.

Only good leaders desire a better world for all. But we cannot wait for good leaders to appear.

Real change can happen when you and I become good leaders. We must point the spotlight to ourselves.

Build your competence.
Good leaders are capable leaders.

What are good leaders?

Good leaders are people who have the qualities, competence, and mindset to make things happen. Good leaders are exemplary leaders. We need good leaders at every level of the organization.

No one person is fit to do all leadership jobs because no one leader can lead everyone.

I know of managers who are “overqualified” to get the job done. They have both degrees and pedigrees. But they fail to connect with people. They don’t see eye to eye with the people they lead.

I’ve been there, and I have done that. I heard this statement from managers who believe that what worked in the past will work in the future. They brag about their experiences as if past experiences consistently predict the future.

Of course, our history can help us predict the future if we keep doing the same things. But creators, innovators, and changemakers do not do same-same and safe. Instead, they challenge the status quo. They create and innovate; They are ahead of what’s possible.

I hope to help Filipinos become good leaders. I have the same hope for everyone who will get to see my thoughts through my writing.

Good leaders make good leaders
Good leaders make good leaders.

Good Leaders at Work

We need good leaders at work.

Many supervisors get promoted though they lack competence and confidence. There are no qualified candidates and someone has to take the job. High potential employees who are not ready for the job do not perform at their best. They get easily frustrated, even doubting themselves.

Skills upgrade is the answer. Unfortunately, some companies do not have the capability or the willingness to send them to supervisory training.

If you are a supervisor, you have access to ideas, techniques, and tools for free. And for those who have the resources to upgrade their skills, I designed webinars and online classes to teach them proven and effective ways to become better supervisors.

Those who fear public speaking will find excellent ideas on how to speak with confidence and influence people. I know many managers and supervisors who can invent thousands of excuses when asked to speak in front of a crowd. Leadership is influence, and your ability to persuade people increases your chances of motivating employees and turning your customers into raving fans.

You can find articles that will help you become a more effective public speaker. You can start with public speaking, persuasive speaking, and motivational speaking. You can join my public speaking courses too.

The pandemic tested the limits of many leaders. Globally, we have seen how arrogant but incompetent leaders failed to protect people from Covid-19.

In the Philippines, we have seen how unfit our political leaders, including the President, are to handle the crisis. Instead, they resorted to blaming people and propaganda. They failed to communicate any solid plan. They demonstrated poor ability to receive feedback. And this will continue until we learn.

This is why on this website, I talk about good leadership. I am not a guru, and you know that already. But, I am a student of leadership, and I care for people. So, I am aware of my biases. And my intention is always clear: I want to help develop good leaders.

You will also find excellent articles about motivation, procrastination, productivity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

Continue on the journey…

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