Help 10 people succeed to become successful.

Do you know people who don’t want others to grow? These are the diminishers.

They seemed to believe that the only way for them to gain power and get promoted is to put others down. They find fault with you. They magnify your mistakes. They show others how incapable you are without them.

These people are everywhere. And they are making the biggest mistake in their career.  Killing the hopes and dream of others will not make them giants. This is because they will not have the opportunity to be fertilized by the genius of others. 

My friend, be careful. Watch your action. Make no effort to diminish the worth of other people.

Play bigger instead. And one way to play bigger is to help people succeed.  

Allowing people to shine and show their smarts is a selfless service that pays big dividends. If you want to quickly improve your own life, start by taking immediate action to improve the lives of others. Everything has its rewards. Help people become successful and you’ll be successful.

You can multiply your value ten-fold or hundredfold by helping enough number of people. Find as many ways to promote others to the top. Diamonds in a rough are diamonds. Let people shine like diamonds.

This is no rocket science. 

My talent is public speaking, so I teach doctors, leaders, teachers, and others the art of public speaking. I speak to make people shine. There are charity organizations which in need of volunteers.

Have you earned so much from your marketing skills? Help your church in its marketing campaign. Are you a Toastmaster? Share your skills to teachers so they too can become more confident in public speaking. 

The opportunity to help other people is limitless. The secret to getting something starts with giving what you have.

Help others become successful to be successful.

So, let’s start. What do you have in your hands that you can offer?

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