Pay It Forward: Multiply The Good

Do you pay it forward? I met people who only think of what they can receive. They won’t give because they felt they don’t have enough. I am not talking about people who depend on the aid they get from the government. Rather, I am talking about people with so much wealth, but who refuse to share even a peso.

Everywhere self-made persons are celebrated. But the one peso question is worth asking: Do they really exist? I agree that many of us can choose who we want to become. We are products of our choices.

But everywhere I looked, I saw successful people who got help from others. Accepting this will not make us small. Instead, this can make us more grateful and continue to find opportunities to grow and make a difference in the world.

We are known for valuing utang na loob. And there are times that we don’t have the opportunities to return the favor we received. But one way of honoring those who helped us is paying forward.

You can make the most of who you are if you pay forward. Most people do not really expect you to payback. Many of them are no longer here. You can only spread the good things you have received if you pay forward.

Paying forward is easy. You only need to think of small act of kindness every chance you get. You have are given a chance to make a difference every day.

Pay it forward.

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