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Two important jobs of motivational speakers

A motivational speaker has two jobs: push you to dream bigger and to encourage you to make your dreams real.

The motivational speaker tells stories so you can see yourself from those who became successful. In his stories, he shows you that every successful person is somewhat like you. That you are, in reality,  in a better position and is more capable of achieving whatever you want in life.

He is practical and does not really talk about voodoo stuff. He does not have to make you walk on fire or walk on water.

He wants you to see the beauty of your dreams and not be contented in dreaming. He wants you to become successful because through your success his words become meaningful.

The success of any motivational speaker is not measured by how much he’ll earn for every speech that he has delivered. The measures of his success are the number of people he pulled from complacency and the number of people he pushed to go beyond their limits.

A manager does not get a motivational speaker because he wants the speaker to motivate his people to sell more. The motivational speaker cannot produce for you ounces of motivation.

That’s a tall order. Ask that from magicians or miracle workers instead. You can expect that from a snake oil salesman.

You get a motivational speaker to push people to dream bigger. You don’t make people motivated. You will find their utmost motivations in their aspirations.

This is why a motivational speaker must not be full of himself. He must begin empty – and then fill his stories with the dream of his audience.

He is, in short, a dream teller.

You get a motivational speaker to encourage employees to make dreams real — and to jump over all obstacles. You will find their utmost motivations in their fears.

This is why a motivational speaker does not have to be the hero of his stories. He can be the mentor, but never the best, never the hero.

The hero is the person who is listening to him. The very person who can relate to the hero in the motivational speaker’s story — someone who lacks confidence, someone who thinks he is not good enough, someone who is afraid — who now finds a mentor.

Jef Menguin

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