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The Role of Bayanihan In Filipino Life

The role of bayanihan in our life as a nation is very important. Bayanihan is the glue that binds us together as a nation. It is the cure to tribalism and regionalism that separate us from each other. It is our pride.

I know of many Filipinos who want to leave the country. They felt that what Duterte did to the Philippines was worst than all the past Philippine presidents combined. They could not understand how he continues to fool millions of Filipinos into thinking that “change is coming” when he is the epitome of a trapo (traditional politician).

Every country has corrupt politicians. Every country has good politicians too. 

The Philippines is my country. The Philippines is the best place for me and my family. We only need to celebrate and spread the awesome in Filipinos. 

Bayanihan makes us awesome. 

Even if it is true that we have the worst government, we also are kind, caring, and loving people. 

Filipinos won’t leave you behind. Filipinos care for each other. We are easy to forgive. But there are times that we come together, in a spirit of bayanihan, to end tyrannical and corrupt regimes.

We are learning. We are growing. I won’t leave this country. I don’t aspire to be a bayani, but I will participate in building this country anytime.

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