How to Make the Most of Your Time

Let me assume that you already know the most important things to you. Now, in its simplest beauty, you can do these steps:

  1. Decide what you need to do given the amount of time that you have. Did you get that? Need over time. Time management experts suggest that you create your list every day. List making is useful only when you know how much time you have.
  2. Act on it. Do it. Do it your way. Some things takes a long time to work on – discovering cure for cancer, building teams, and earning millions – and some things can be done very quickly – writing an email, calling a client, and earning millions. The last one is not a misprint. Earning millions takes some time for others, it takes minutes for some few good souls.
  3. Adjust actions. You can accelerate whatever you are doing by simplifying it. Eliminate the unnecessary to simplify it. Or you speed it up by improving your skills.
  4. Evaluate your results. To evaluate is to assess the value of what you’ve done. What have you done right? What have you done wrong? What can you do better next time? It should not take you minutes to answer these questions.

Do it now!

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Why Make a Difference?

I believe that you and I deserve the best in the world.

We do not have to wait for others. We do not have to wait until we are ready. Waiting wastes time. I am not happy with the status quo — and I believe most of us are not happy too.