The Best Motivational Speaker in the Philippines?

Best Motivational Speaker in the Philippines

To announce to the world that you are the best motivational speaker in the Philippines isn’t a selfish desire. I have heard dozens of aspiring speakers who told me that they wanted to become “the best motivational speaker in the Philippines”.

They are all good people. They believe that they can save the world and make a difference in the lives of others.

But I won’t encourage you to make the same claim.

Here’s why.

Some aspiring speakers came to me last week to get some guidance. They wanted to know how I became a motivational speaker (I am not!) and how to become the best.

I told them that though I am motivated to share my stories and help people get themselves motivated, I don’t really consider myself as the speaker who gives motivation. Those who listen to motivational speakers are very motivated already. That’s why they pay buckets of money to buy books and attend conferences to get motivated.

I help people play bigger and think differently about their business.


I told them that I don’t know how to become the best because I am not. I did not aspire to become one. That’s not how I play my card.

It is easy for some speakers to claim that they are the best motivational speakers in the Philippines though they know they are not. It is their aspiration, not their disposition. It is their “personal brand”.

Think about how you will serve the people in an epic way. That is more important.

There is nothing big about being the “best” in a field measured by one’s ability to crack jokes, tell humorous stories, and make people jump or cry. 

Every day in the Philippines, a speaker is selling hope on stage. You’ll find them in MLM businesses, in churches, in seminars, and in conventions.

Every day, in this beautiful country of mine, a school teacher tries to motivate her students. I am the product of a very motivational teacher. She motivated me by her deeds, not by speeches.

Many of those who claim that they are the best motivational speakers are selling themselves to those who seek the magic power the best motivational speaker. And a clever marketer knows that he better be ranked number 1 in search engines. (This post may eventually get ranked on the first page too, and that is okay.)

About ten years ago, I wrote about this insanity and some motivational speakers got offended. So, I opted not to write about this anymore until now. My intention was to correct, not to offend people.

Let me be clear. It is right to aim for the best. We must give our best. This is true for motivational speaking. This is true for any profession.

But you don’t play bigger by telling people you are the best. You play bigger when you find solutions to people’s problems which no other motivational speakers have ever imagined. You don’t become the best by playing a little better than others.

You’ve got to deliver. I am not talking about your speaking delivery skills. You’ve got to deliver new and different solutions to old problems. You have to help people position themselves to new opportunities.

If you are still playing the “best motivational speaker in the Philippines” card, then you are playing same-same. You are blind-siding yourself.

Pay attention to your clients. Understand their problems. Think different. Find solutions to problems that others have not considered before. You may not get the title, but people will know that you are different. People will know that you are pushing them to play bigger.

People will say that you have opened their mind, that you have given them courage, that you have educated them, that you made them millionaires… that you brought them back to life.

Motivational speaking isn’t about your delivery.

It is not about you.

It is about what they’ve received from you and how you made them feel.

Jef Menguin

P.S. I will keep the comment section open. Please share your thoughts.

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