Public Speaking

My journey into the world of public speaking began three decades ago in high school. Back then, I discovered that effective motivation doesn’t require flawless English. It’s about connecting and communicating with passion.

This passion deepened during my two years at the seminary, where I learned more about delivering messages that resonate. When I left, my path took me into student activism, where speaking became a powerful tool for change.

After my activism days, I transitioned into teaching. For ten years, I honed my skills, engaging classrooms and workshops, continually refining my approach to speaking.

Eventually, this path led me to become a motivational speaker. It was here that I began to truly understand the impact of a well-delivered speech and the nuances of audience engagement.

Today, I not only speak but also train and mentor upcoming professional speakers. Over the years, I’ve gathered a wealth of secrets, strategies, and techniques that have helped me and can help others excel in public speaking.

In the upcoming articles, I’ll share these insights with you. From the basics of crafting a compelling narrative to the fine art of delivery, I’ll cover everything you need to know to captivate and inspire your audience.

Join me as we explore the essentials of public speaking. Whether you’re starting out or seeking to refine your skills, these articles will provide valuable tools and knowledge to help you succeed on your speaking journey.

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