What is your story?

tell your story

What is your story?

Do not impress people with data. Data is garbage to those who do not understand.

Those who can make sense of data have the power to inform us. They do not just see numbers, they see patterns and they can tell us what these patterns mean.

This is why we make teachers those who can interpret data for us.

And we make leaders of those who can see stories from data. They do not see just numbers and words and pictures — they see the story.

Our problem is not information overload. Believe me, we have not consume much information yet. Our problem as leaders lies in our ability to find the big idea – and tell our stories.

What is your story?

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About Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin writes about personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In Thrive, you will find proven and easy ways to get rid of procrastination and be a go-giver. He explores new ideas about motivation, habits, productivity, and delivering persuasive speeches.

He is a professional speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and the founder of Business Innovation.

He lives in Los Baños with his beautiful wife Romelyn and son Jefferson Carlos. Aside from speaking, coaching, and writing – Jef Menguin enjoys planting ornamental plants, vegetables, and herbs in his backyard. You can learn more about him here.

You can read his writings at Articles.

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