kickstart yourself

Kick start yourself.

When I think that I must work on something and I am not in the mood to work yet, I tell myself to DO IT NOW! until I stand and really do something.

It is difficult at first, and still difficult in the middle, and yes, difficult until the end.

But when something is finished, I know that I do not have to worry anymore about an unaccomplished task.

DO IT NOW! works.

And I recommend that you create your kick-starters to get you started every time.

But like most people, and I believe that includes you, I want things to be a bit easier.

Is there a better way to get myself started without having to force me every time?

I know there is. I only needed to examine my experiences and revisit those times when I felt I was most alive and most energetic. Those times when I do not have to force myself.

I found the answer and here it is…

When I Do My Pre-Performance Routine First
I Find Myself Always (without exception) Performing My Best

And my pre-performance routines are easy. I will give you two examples.

My pre-speaking routine is this.

Before I go up the stage, I sit erect, close my eyes, and feel the loving presence of God flow through my body. Then, I say (in silence),

Father, thank you for the opportunity to speak to these wonderful audience. I am here to be of service and I am here to share with them what I have learned from you. I have prepared for this beautiful moment, yet I want you to take control. Guide me. Let my mouth speak the right words to say…and help me find ways to connect with my audience. Open their hearts and their minds. Thank you Father.

Of course, my prayers vary and my intentions are always the same.

This works for me. I discovered this when I was about to speak to a group of 50 school principals.

The organizers told me beforehand that some of the participants tend to question the credibility of the speaker and they only listened to Ph.D. degree holders like them.

The organizers told me that I would find it very difficult to connect with the school principals because the other four trainers who handled the other school principals found the audience very difficult to handle. And based on experience, the group that I was about to handle… was not that friendly.

Aren’t you amused?

Cut the long story short.

From the moment I went to the front and until the third and last day of the leadership seminar, the room was filled with laughter and respectful conversations.

No one questioned my credibility.

I allowed the experts in the room to shine… And on the third day I was given a standing ovation and some were on tears.

That pre-speaking routine works every time.

The Pre-Performance Routine Activity Works
When I Am Writing a Letter
Or Writing a New Training Program

My pre-routine writing technique is freewriting.

Freewriting helps me get into the ” mood of writing” that I do not have to be inspired to write. Inspiration comes with action and that’s freewriting put me into action at once.

And I learned another method from the prince of print, Gary Halbert, that ensures that I do not have to force myself to write a good piece.

I downloaded his coat-of-arms piece to my Ipad, and copy it to get me moving. It gets me into the mood for writing too, and better since I do not have to think of words to write. I only need to copy.

But do not underestimate this activity. Remember that writing is closer to thinking and I think well when I write.

So there, I have given you two examples of my pre-performance routine activities.

Remember that routine is not an enemy…it is a friend. It lets you do the important and not urgent activities in your life automatically.

Today, you found a way to make your life more productive. Use it.

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