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Values to Action: Convert Values into Behaviors

Leaders model the way. It is imperative that leaders inside your organization understand full well how they demonstrate leadership daily.

Help them examine their deeply held leadership values — and how each of these are manifested in the workplace through their actions.

From Values to Action is a two-hour learning session where leaders, through experiential activities, will have opportunities to examine their values, how each is manifested through their work behaviors, and the impact of each on the mindset and behaviors of the people they lead.

Leaders model the way. It is important that you provide them opportunities to identify desired shared values — and help them define the behaviors your organization expect leaders to show and tell everyday.

This session leads to accountability agreement on how to reinvent your organization from values to action.

When leaders talk about organization values, you are giving the opportunity to work towards on direction. You allow them to see what makes them one and why they have to accomplish things together. Many of training providers ignore core values when they teach functional competencies. Probably, they think that values are just concepts.

This is risky.

Your leaders must demonstrate value in their behaviors. It is their behaviors that shows everyone what you truly value. You ought to keep your eyes on your core values, but leaders forget this.

This is why Values to Action is a very important conversation.

When values are clarified, you can help your leaders ask the right tough questions.

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