Training the Trainer & Learning Experience Design

Training the trainer program aims to provide instruction, feedback, and coaching to those who are tasked to conduct classroom or virtual training. Nowadays, innovative companies go beyond training their managers and corporate trainers on how to deliver instruction.

I will talk about training the trainer and LXD or learning experience design. Knowing when to use each or how to combine them will benefit your organization.

Training the Trainer

Traditionally, the content of train the trainer program is based on Instructional System Design or the ADDIE approach.

This means that the modules are divided into

  • assessment
  • design
  • development
  • implementation
  • evaluation

College instructors and most corporate trainers still use Instructional System Design as a framework for training the trainer program.

I think traditional training for instruction still has uses in industries where people are not required to be creative and innovative.

Am sure there are contrary opinions. My take is based on my experiences in working with corporate clients for the last 15 years.

ISD is still used in training sales people who are expected to memorize answers to objections. It is used to train customer service representatives who are expected to talk according to approved script. It is used to teach operators how to follow and observe the 7 steps of x.

(Frankly, many training programs in the Philippines do not have heads, hands, and legs. They are disabled versions of Instructional System Design. Organizations who purchase off-the-shelf or canned programs often don’t get the benefits of assessment, implementation, and evaluation in ADDIE approach.)

ISD works if you don’t require participants to create disruptive products, optimize your processes, 10x your results, or innovate your business.

ISD works when you only intend to make your soldiers march to the beat of a robotic drummer but it won’t work if you want them to win wars.

(Our alternative does not really replace Instructional System Design. It uses the tools of ISD and UX to create better solutions, amplify learning and multiply impact.).

Traditional train the trainer programs are subject-centered. Its yardstick is the standard of the past. And the spotlight is on the trainer whose platform skills and knowledge of the subject are evaluated to find out if future runs of train the trainer programs are defensible.

Innovative companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other innovative companies no longer do train the trainer programs as we know it.

Those previously bestowed the title of trainers ( and its variants) are rechristhened to reflect the revolutionary change in our mindsets about learning and growing businesses.

Some popular titles are growth engineers, talent enablers, learning experience designers, and workplace learning leaders.

These are more meaningful and inspiring titles, don’t you agree?

Earlier, I promised to talk about the alternative to ISD. I will fulfill that promise, but I need to write another article.

I want you also to know that I am designing a two-day bootcamp so you can appreciate, learn, and apply the principles and tools of this better alternative to Train the Trainer programs.

A better alternative to ISD is LXD: Learning Experience Design.

Learning Experience Design

In LXD, you engage learners in new experiences so they can switch mindsets, provide opportunities for deliberately practice of desired behaviors, and achieve personal goals and organizational ambitions.

Cool, huh.

And the program that you can bring to your company is LXD Bootcamp.

You’ll surely love it.

Jef Menguin

P.S. I will post more about Learning Experience Design and the LXD bootcamp soon. If you want me to send you an email updates, email me your name at or send your name and email address to 09274292986

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