Today Is the Best Time to Take the Lead

This Covid-19 crisis demands someone to take the lead. Today is the best time to become a leader. Today is the best time to grow great leaders.

The pandemic disrupted our lives. To stay alive, we allowed our governments to confine us in our homes hoping and praying that they’ll be able to work something great within 15 days. Seventy days after the lockdown, the government came up with many modifiers for community quarantine. You know the story.

This is unlike many rock-bottom moments in our lives. This is unlike the twenty typhoons that visit our country every year. Or the earthquakes that shook and shocked us. This is not another Yolanda or Marawi. But its impact will be with us for years.

We can play victims and blame Digong. We can panic, run like headless chickens. We can curse like crazy. We can hide in our bunkers until the vaccine is out.

Or choose to control what we can and practice good leadership.

Don’t panic; lead.

Yes, we are in a rock-bottom situation. But we are not hopeless.

Covid-19 shows us opportunities we have not seen before.

Make the most of these opportunities to heal ourselves. Make the most of these opportunities to prepare ourselves for another pandemic-like situation.

Make the most of these opportunities so we can place ourselves in the best position to help others. Make the most of these opportunities to be great leaders, transform teams, and build companies that last.

Make the most of these opportunities to sell a growth mindset to Filipinos and build professionals who are ready for 2030 and beyond.

We can find our finest hours today.

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