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You speak in clubs only to share what you’ve learned from each project. And if you are like me who pay more attention to learning than earning badges, you can play bigger.

How can you do it?


Using Notes in Speaking

Just keep this in mind: don’t deliver a script when delivering a speech in public.

Speaking is a conversation. Keep your eye contact. Use gestures, facial expressions, and body movements to amplify your message. You cannot make your speech visual if you read your speech.

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Sell Your Meetings

Toastmasters are encouraged to invite guests to club meetings. We share the benefits that membership offers. Toastmasters gamified recruitment of new members. A club earns two points in a ten-point system when 8 guests sign up for membership. Some officers take it as their personal mission to earn those two points. They invest time and …

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Evaluation in Toastmasters

To evaluate is to appreciate the value of what you have seen, heard, or felt from the speech delivered before you. I used the word appreciate. Because whatever appreciates increases in value. And that’s what happens in many Toastmasters meetings. We try our best to find the good in people. Toastmasters have the knack for …

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Teachers in Toastmasters

Learning to speak in Toastmasters is a DIY project. I will advise people who need teachers before they can learn to join a Speaking school instead.

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Do you want to be a speaker?

Do you want to make positive change happen? You can do that by sharing your expertise and experiences. One effective way I know is through public speaking. For the past twelve years, I have delivered hundreds of speeches to conferences, sales rallies, conventions, and corporate events I shared stories of people who are exemplars for leadership, personal excellence, innovation, …

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Give 10x more!

Sometimes, what prevents us from becoming our best is our self-limiting beliefs. Vic Santiago taught me something that increased my revenue ten-fold.

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Prepare Before You Speak

Every person has the capacity to change someone’s life. Anyone who has the confidence and conviction to help can do it.

Do you want to learn how to speak with confidence and make a difference in the lives of others?

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Speak up.

This world owes its progress to those women and men who dared to speak up. Don’t hide. Don’t stay in the corner. Don’t just watch. Let your mouth speak your truth. Let the world benefit from what you know. Take courage. I know that it is difficult even to utter a single word. Trust me. …

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