Pathways Experience

Toastmasters have opportunities to become proficient in 11 domains. Each Pathway has at least 14 do-it-yourself projects that will help you develop proficiency. You will accumulate skills as you finish projects from levels 1 to 5.

Many toastmasters view these projects as speeches.

I don’t think so.

Though the delivery of speeches is integral to the completion of the projects, much of what we do to accomplish the project is outside of the club meetings.

You speak in clubs only to share what you’ve learned from each project. And if you are like me who pays more attention to learning than earning badges, you can play bigger.

How can you do it?

Begin with the end in mind. Be clear about what personal improvement and leadership skills you want to achieve.

Do you want to build your network? Do you want to become more visible as a leader? Do you want to master presentation skills so you will get promoted at work?

Projects at level 5 will make you work on meaningful leadership initiatives. You will use the skills and tasks at lower levels to achieve your level 5 project.

This is why I plan for my level 5 projects ahead. Truth b told, I can finish the first four levels in three months. A project in level 5 may require eix months.

Jef Menguin

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