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What you’ll read below are insights, tools, and strategies of Jef Menguin on leadership, change, and innovation. You’ll get valuable tools which you can use on your leadership journey, in building teams, and developing leaders in your organization.

Ever dreamt of changing the world?

Leaders need more than motivation as we have seen many over-motivated under-achievers in the workplace.

They need skills. They need opportunities. They need the environment to grow.

ever dreamt of changing the world

Two important jobs of motivational speakers

A motivational speaker has two jobs: push you to dream bigger and to encourage you  to make your dreams real.

The motivational speaker tells stories so you can see yourself from those who became successful. In his stories, he shows you that every successful person is somewhat like you. Or that you are in reality in a better position and is more capable of achieving whatever you want in life.

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Invest in Your Biggest Dreams

When you work for something that makes a difference in this world, undertake it with painstaking excellence. The smartest way to change yourself, your community, or the world is by working harder and longer than anyone else.

What is it that you are passionate about? How many hours will you spend today to bring your passion to life?

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On Becoming A Leader

Excuses begone!

People have many excuses why they don't take charge and lead. Let me tell you what these excuses are – why you must say goodbye to them.

I will also encourage you to get into the habit of reading INSIGHTS. and subscribe to People Matter Letters. Bring leadership learning experiences to your organization. Learn more on how to become a better leader.

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7 Strategies of Master Presenters

Leaders can increase his impact by becoming a master presenter. Yes, some great leaders aren’t great presenters — just as some great presenters aren’t great leaders. What I believe is that mastering some principles and practices in great presentations may amplify your impact as a leader.

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Appreciative Leadership

Appreciative leaders inspire hope that the vision will be realized.

Without hope, there will be no enthusiasm, no energy, no commitment, and no persistence. An appreciative leader is a dealer of hope.

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8 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

I will not put successful entrepreneurs in a box. There is no way for me to tell you that everyone goes through the same path in order for them to succeed. But there are known secrets common to them. Those you can learn. Those you can start with.


Effective Supervisors Solve Problems

Ana avoids problems. She thinks that any problem that her staff creates reflects her ability as a supervisor. Problems stressed her out.

Successful supervisors are effective problem solvers. And you can learn to solve problems systematically.

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Why entrepreneurship courses fail you?

Students will find it difficult to learn entrepreneurship from those who are afraid to become entrepreneurs themselves. When professors only mouth what management gurus say about entrepreneurship, you know that you will be eating theories and find entrepreneurship complicated and hateful. You will learn a lot of B.S. in B.S. in Entrepreneurship.

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Learn Like a Child

The best leaders aren’t those with ready answers for everything. No, not the know-it-all type. The best leaders are those who learn like a child.

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