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Supervisor training beliefs (that do not help)

Supervisors who refused training do not see the benefit of your offers.

Either your training has no real benefit or they do not have the ability to see the benefit.

Her supervisors do not want to join the training program offered to them by the company. 

Maria, the manager, said that she found it difficult to convince supervisors to attend a weekly 90 minute session on effective supervising.

Some of her supervisors persuaded her that there is nothing wrong with them and they felt offended.

Ana, one of her supervisors, is convinced that she is too busy doing their job that attending training will just add to her burden. Besides, the supervisor whom she replaced never attended any training for supervisors until she retired.

Never mind that customers constantly complained of bad service. 

Their customers, they thought, were just too demanding. Never mind that many employees slept on the job; people get tired with too much work. Never mind that employees did not report on time and requests were not acted on immediately; they were used to it.

The problem is the illusion of enough. 

Supervisors who do not recognize the need to improve will not improve. I told Maria that she must help her supervisors see the need.

And that given the belief of her supervisor about training, the training is urgent.

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