Stop Chasing, Start Attracting

We are bombarded by sell, sell, sell messages. This means that every day you have to chase clients. That’s how you can be successful.

I think you can be successful when you chase customers. Being action-oriented is better than having a wait-and-see attitude. Building your mouse-trap and waiting for the mouse to come will make you fail.

However, if you want to play bigger, chasing is tactical, not strategic.

You’ve got to find ways to attract your ideal customers. You have to know what they’re starving for. Find out if you can create what they want.. If you can not create that for them, find people who can help them get what they want.

And make sure that you become visible to these ideal customers.

Stop chasing, start attracting.

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Why Make a Difference?

I believe that you and I deserve the best in the world.

We do not have to wait for others. We do not have to wait until we are ready. Waiting wastes time. I am not happy with the status quo — and I believe most of us are not happy too.