Hope for the best?

There are leaders who always hope for the best. When they say Bahala Na, they are usually unsure. But they are hoping for the best possible thing to happen.

You can come up with something better than hope.

When you get a marketing agent, give the specific outcome you expect him to deliver. Don’t just leave everything to him and then hope for the best.

When delegating work to a supervisor, don’t just tell her about the task you need to accomplish. Be clear about the best possible outcome you want her to deliver. Be clear about your endpoint. Then let her do the magic.

Being clear about what you want people to deliver raises the possibility of being positively surprised.

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Why Make a Difference?

I believe that you and I deserve the best in the world.

We do not have to wait for others. We do not have to wait until we are ready. Waiting wastes time. I am not happy with the status quo — and I believe most of us are not happy too.