each minute is a beginning so begin now

Begin now, start with good enough.

Begin now. You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect.

You have a big project to accomplish. Maybe, a project worth a million pesos. Don’t get yourself be overwhelmed by the bigness of this project.

Do not spend to much time on planning. I know the importance of planning, but too much planning is another name for procrastination. Planning cannot make you deliver a perfect project.

Begin now.

You can start with good enough. A draft outline perhaps. A process flow or a simple sketch. A short call to the client of your clients. Doing a project canvas for ten minutes.

Don’t just sit there; act now.

Always, you can make ten times the result when you bypass perfection and get rid of procrastination.

The best step to get things done is to start with something small, something good enough.

Do it little by little until you get there.

Jef Menguin

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