Begin now, start with good enough.

Begin now. You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect.

You have a big project to accomplish. Maybe, a project worth a million pesos. Don’t get yourself be overwhelmed by the bigness of this project.

Do not spend too much time on planning. I know the importance of planning, but too much planning is another name for procrastination. Planning cannot make you deliver a perfect project.

Begin now.

You can start with good enough. A draft outline perhaps. A process flow or a simple sketch. A short call to the client of your clients. Doing a project canvas for ten minutes.

Don’t just sit there; act now.

Always, you can make ten times the result when you bypass perfection and get rid of procrastination.

The best step to get things done is to start with something small, something good enough.

Do it little by little until you get there.

Good enough is good enough.

The idea that “good enough is good enough to get started” is a powerful antidote to procrastination and perfectionism.

Waiting for perfection is often a form of delay. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking everything must be flawless before beginning. But in reality, perfection is an unreachable goal. Accept that what you have is good enough to start. Break the cycle of waiting and start moving forward.

Starting with ‘good enough’ allows you to learn and improve along the way. Real-world experience is a far better teacher than theoretical perfection. Every step you take, every action you make, provides valuable feedback. Adjust, refine, and improve as you go.

Embracing ‘good enough’ helps to build momentum. The act of starting generates energy and motivation. It’s easier to keep going once you’ve begun, even if the start wasn’t perfect.

This momentum can lead to unexpected discoveries and opportunities that waiting for perfection would never have revealed.

It fosters creativity and innovation. When you’re not constrained by the need for perfection, you’re free to experiment and take risks. This freedom can lead to unique solutions and breakthroughs.

Keep moving forward.

Breaking tasks into tenths and tackling them one at a time is a powerful method to sustain progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Completing 1/10th of a task gives a sense of accomplishment. This positive reinforcement is crucial. It’s a tangible sign of progress, a small win that fuels your motivation to tackle the next portion. Each completed segment builds your confidence and reinforces the belief that you can finish the entire task.

Focusing on just another 1/10th at a time keeps the task manageable. It narrows your focus, preventing you from being daunted by the entire scope of the project. This approach is akin to navigating a long journey one step at a time – it makes the journey more feasible and less intimidating.

You will gain momentum. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, your efforts gather pace and size as you progress. Each small step adds to the momentum, making it easier to continue. Momentum is a powerful force that helps overcome procrastination and inertia.

Moreover, when you tackle tasks in smaller chunks, you allow for flexibility and adaptability. You can adjust your approach based on what you learn from each completed segment. This adaptability is crucial for dealing with complex tasks that might require different strategies as you delve deeper.

Begin now. Start with good enough. Keep moving forward.

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