Not too long ago, I asked a girl about her dreams in life. Before she even uttered a word, she cried.

She asked if she had the right to dream.

“Yes, you have a right to dream.”

“I want to be a teacher.”

Nora completed senior high school two years ago. But she did not continue to college. She decided to stop “dreaming”. She felt helpless and hopeless.

As much as she wanted to apply for college, she could not support herself.

She peddled street foods and earned 90 pesos a day. On rainy days, she could not sell anything.

I could empathize with her and all the others who are in the same situation.

I was in grade 1 when I learned that hunger is a monster. I looked for ways to earn a small amount of money. And I found out that I won’t be hungry as long as I help people.

I was born poor. And when you are poor, tiny problems are challenging problems.

One of my sisters was sickly. Most of the time, my parents were in the Philippine Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.

My parents left me to the care of my relatives who didn’t care for me. They treated me like a burden and made me a house helper.

I never hated them because they welcomed me to their house. Had it not for them, I would be in the streets.

Life is not fair, but who cares?

I will share with you one little secret that is life-changing.

Contrary to what most people think, this secret isn’t free. It requires dogged determination and continuous commitment. When you work on it, you will change your life.

Dream bigger dreams.

That’s the first secret to success.

Whenever you dream of something, strive to dream bigger. For people like Nora and me, dreaming is like wishful thinking. I think many Filipinos have the same limitations.

You cannot blame us. Allow me to explain.

The first time I entered a mansion, I was already in college. I was a seminarian. They invited me to eat at a table twice longer as our rented room in the town of Antipolo where our family of six used to stay.

I was already in my 30s when I first rode an airplane. I was nervous and too shy to ask people how to put my seatbelt on properly.

When I was young, I dreamed of going to different countries. But I refrained from making it known in public. In the slum area where I grew up, nobody talked about going to other countries for vacation. It was unthinkable.

Most of us have limited capacity to dream. Our situation is our bird box.

The only way to get out of that box is to dream bigger dreams.

Thinking small isn’t comfortable, but for most of us, it is what life is.

Whatever your situation in life, the secret is true for you and me. So you can create a better future for yourself and others, you’ve got to dream bigger dreams.

Most people think they have dreams. Without actions, those dreams are nothing but wishes.

People who dream bigger dreams do not waste their time in bagatelles. They improve themselves. They don’t allow their lack of education and resources to shackle them to poverty.

When opportunities are not available, create your opportunities. No one can deny you the opportunity you create for yourself.

Dreaming bigger dreams worked for me. It will work for Nora. It will work for anyone.

Dream big dreams. Embrace your awesomeness and do D’BEST in everything you do. 

Most people follow the flow; they play safe, small, and same-same. I understand why they do that.

If we are to make a difference in our lives, the lives of the organizations we serve, and the nation we love, we’ve got to zig while others are zagging.

On a typical bio page, you will get a glorified CV. Those who market themselves as motivational speakers, experts, and gurus tell you why they are the best.

That is okay.

If you were to hire people, you want the best in the field. You can download my bio below.

I work with people I believe in and trust. I start with Who before I ask Why and How.

personal excellence

Personal Excellence: Be Your Super-Duper Best Each Day. Personal excellence is a core value, a strong belief of an individual to live an extraordinary life each day.

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