Most managers know that canned “basic leadership training” does not really work. Info dump does not inspire and equip people. This is why they look for learning experiences that are behavior-changing. I can help you design learning experiences aligned to your business goals.

Leaders will practice new behaviors that deliver results.

You will learn how to engage leaders to ensure repeatable, sustainable, and scalable results.

New Leadership Courses offered in the Philippines

These leadership courses aim to improve leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for leaders to achieve business objectives and develop people.

These leadership courses are designed so you can

  • bring out your brilliance,
  • accelerate your personal and professional growth,
  • become better leaders,
  • build leaders and teams,
  • introduce change and innovation,
  • develop creative confidence, and
  • 10x your business.

Leadership Courses Quick Links

Leadership Courses in Manila
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Active Training for Managers

You know that people learn best by doing.

And most training programs conducted by managers do not work because they usuall resort to data dumping. The usual excuse is that managers are not “trainers” and therefore have no other choice but to leave training to HR, the training department, or God-sent trainers from outside.

Let’s say goodbye to excuses. Enabling your people is a competence that every manager must master. One of the more effective ways of enabling people is by classroom training.

But not just any kind of classroom training. You can make your learning faster and better by making your classroom training important.

Active Training for Managers aims to equip leaders a solid foundation on principles and practices for active training so they can engage their people in learning.

This is a hands-on workshop. Participants will learn, try, and apply dozens of active training activities and frameworks. They will also learn how to make their training programs scalable and repeatable.

Training does not have to be painful. Attendees will get deliberate practice in rapid instructional design and excellent facilitation in one day.

Change Management Workshops

Change Management Workshop is designed for managers and supervisors who are charged with introducing departmental or organizational changes to their employees.

Introducing change isn’t easy. People have to go through a process. Managers need more than their ability to motivate people to initiate, lead, and sustain change.

This one day workshop will show managers how to help employees confront change in the organization. Participants will leave the workshop with confidence that they’ll be able to come up with positive change for the organization.

Customer Service Excellence Workshops

Customer Service Excellence is a workshop that aims to encourage and equip participants to serve customers with excellence. 

Happy customers make the business grow. Leaders must be able to equip employees so they can build better relationships with customers. They must make their customers fall in love with them.

In these customer service workshop, leaders will explore different tools they can use to inspire, train, and enable employees to become customer service excellence champions.

Employees will be able to serve any kind of customers anytime, every day.

Effective Coaching for Managers

Effective Coaching for Managers aims to equip participants on how to confront difficult situations with confidence, encourage a coaching culture, reinforce positive behaviors, correct harmful behaviors, and coach employees for personal and professional growth.

Many employees leave companies because of their managers (or the ability of the managers to help them grow). Managers must understand that equipping people is their primary job and they can do it outside of training rooms. They can equip people everyday on the job.

Effective coaching for managers is a hands-on workshop. Participants will acquire knowledge before the training session. This ensures that the workshop will be devoted on learning effective ways to coach employees.

Typical coaching skills training take 3 to 5 days. We make it into one. It is comprehensive, intensive, and engaging.

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Each of us comes into the world of work with features and ways of behaving that are the products of our cultural differences. Cultural uniqueness is viewed by some as important and valuable in the workplace. 

Maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity is the challenge for employees in the future workplace.

The ability to interact and communicate effectively across cultures is emerging as the number-one interpersonal skill of our time.

Toward this end, this leadership workshop is designed as an introductory experience in building effective interaction and communication in diverse groups.

Managing Effective Meetings

Managing Effective Meetings (workshop) aims to provide managers techniques and tools to plan, organize, and conduct effective meetings.   

Most people groan at the thought of attending another meeting!


Because meetings are often mismanaged—they get off track, are interrupted, take too much time, have unclear agendas, and lack effective leadership.

While most of us spend a great deal of time preparing for the work we do, we spend almost no time learning how to attend or conduct all of the meetings that accompany the process of getting our work done.

In this one-day leaderhip program, participants will learn how to plan, organize, and conduct productive meetings, including steps for preparation of a meeting, developing an agenda, encouraging participation, handling counterproductive behaviors, and planning action for follow-up.

Secrets of Effective Delegation

Managers often ask, Why don’t my direct reports do what they are supposed to do?

Unfortunately, many answer, they just arent cut out for the job. I’ll have to do it myself.

Yet, rather than blaming others there may be something faulty with the process of delegating the assignments.

In delegations that have gone wrong, the delegator usually has omitted one or two critical steps. Clear guidelines on how to delegate effectively can increase the success of delegation and build confidence for both managers and direct reports.

Secrets of Effective Delegation is a workshop intended for first-line supervisors and managers who have had experiences delegating assignments or responsibilities to their direct reports.

It teaches eight steps that enable supervisors and managers to delegate effectively. Program participants also assess their attitudes and current practices as delegators and, through experiential activities, explore how to communicate effectively.

Stress Management Mastery

Stress is a universal and naturally occurring phenomenon in humans.

Recent epidemiological research indicates marked increases in stress-related diseases as a result of life styles saturated with excessive stress and chronic tension. Burnout, heart attacks, ulcers, decreased productivity, relational problems, depression, loneliness, and cynicism are frequent symptoms of chronic stress that adversely affect us personally, professionally, and physically.

While stress cannot be eliminated, we can learn to deal with it effectively to maximize our potential.

Learn how to master stress for peak performance — and build a happy and productive workplace. Re-imagine your workplace. Make it a place where people can smile and have fun. 

Time Management Workshop

The time in any given day is one of the few things that is given to us equally.

Yet it feels totally different when we are using time in a way we choose for ourselves than it feels when our time seems to loom out of our control.

We must ask the larger question of what is valuable in our lives, integrating personal and professional goals. Without a strong desire to live out certain values, time management goes unused. A strong motivation to use one’s time to accomplish what one truly wants is necessary to bring about behavioral changes.

This program is for anyone who wants more out of life, at work and at home.

Time Management for Busy Professionals (workshop) offers powerful mindsets about time and performance and provide tools and techniques so you can become more productive in the workplace.

courses for creative leaders in the philippines
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Most Innovative Leaders Choose Leadership Courses that Make Learning Experiences Actionable, Relevant, and Engaging.

Have you joined leadership courses where trainers strived not to be not boring, to be good enough, to be just satisfactory?

I have met training managers who offer leadership courses designed merely to tick a box on some training matrix.

Most innovative leaders I know challenge the status quo. They don’t waste money on “basic leadership training”.

They don’t send people to basic training because game-changing leadership courses are available.

The math is easy. You get zero return from basic leadership training. They get 10x, 100x, and 1000x from game-changing leadership learning experiences.

Creative leaders question traditions and dare to explain to people who believe that we are becoming blasphemous.

Training must lead to significant learning. It must be beneficial to the leaders.

If you want to send leaders to a classroom, engage them. Let them leave that classroom with the confidence and commitment to play bigger. Real-world learning must make them experience achievement. Training, when designed for 10x learning, must help them get the courage to initiate change.

I challenge you to make all your corporate training learner-centered. Learners, young and old, learn best when immersed in problem-based learning. They must draw upon their own experiences and relate it to their everyday life.

Give more attention to how people learn.

Excellent leadership courses are not about delivering a list of facts for people to remember.

We put the learner at the center of learning, create situations and environments that allow the person to discover new information, experience new ideas, and relate it to their lives.

Leadership courses must serve the business.

Use multi-channels of learning.

Combine training with self-directed learning, coaching, mentoring, rewards, recognition, and other interventions to ensure success.

Leadership courses you offer to leaders can become difference makers. Design leadership experiences which make leadership development a powerful tool to innovate your business.

Turn leaders into business innovators.

How are we going to do that?

Re-imagine leadership courses as learning multiplers.

So you can inspire and enable your managers and other workplace professionals, change the way you think about leadership learning.

Most trainers design for instructions. This is why they begin with training needs assessments.


Leadership learning must begin with goalsLearning must serve your business goals. Learning must serve the personal goals of leaders.

Traditional leadership courses have their place in a traditional classroom. There were meant to instruct leaders so they’ll know more.

Today, however, you must design learning experiences that can multiply the results of your efforts and investments. Learning is not just an accumulation of knowledge.

Learning is a change in how you think and do things. How you think and do things determine your results. Give attention to helping leaders develop winning behaviors.

Don’t be left behind.

Re-imagine training. Design learning experiences instead.

Focus on solutions, not just instructions.

Evaluate learning, not just trainers and training.

Make leaders business innovators.


What are the learning experiences you can design for our leaders?

You can bring the following to your organization:
(a) Actionable Leadership Boot Camp,
(b) Leaders Engagement Boot Camp,
(c) Four Disciplines of Execution Boot Camp, and
(d) World-Changing Presentations Boot Camp

Can we consult you for the improvement of our leadership development program?

Yes, I can help you. I encourage you to explore the pages (a) Develop Leaders, (b) Build Competency, and (c) Scale for Impact. You will find great ideas that may improve your leadership development programs.

Do you think leadership courses in the Philippines are world-class?

Yes and no.

Many of our leadership training programs are used worldwide. Our trainers have excellent facilitation skills. Many of our leadership training programs are fun, intensive, relevant, and engaging. And having trained leaders abroad, I know that we know how to design effective leadership learning experiences.

However, the world is fast-changing. Many big companies do not rely on training. The instructional system design is somewhat outdated.

So, while you are on a page about Training in the Philippines, I want you also to know that we are using the technology of Learning Experience Design (LXD) so your company can 10x your results.

The learning experiences we designed help leaders engage people, delight customers, and speed up organizational growth.

What is leadership training that really works?

Leadership training that really works makes it easy for leaders to develop winning habits and disciplines. Leadership training must help individual leaders grow. Leadership training must 10x the impact of leadership.

Why “basic leadership training” does not work?

Some experts say that classroom training contributes 10% or less to what leaders ought to learn to become effective and that 90% or more comes from real-world leadership experiences.

I don’t think these figures are accurate, but the message to those who rely only on classroom training is clear: training alone does not build effective leaders.

Many organizations still rely on “basic leadership training” as the only solution to their leadership problems. This is because they are not familiar with other and better options.

Can we get real-world leadership learning from classroom training?

Yes. Even if it is true that 90 percent of learning happens in the real world, let me remind you that 90 percent can be a mixed bag of good and bad.

Leaders need deliberate learning and many of our experiences aren’t necessarily positive, correct, and empowering.

Another thing: training is also real-world experience. Training organizations that separated training from real-world experiences must have been living in the unreal world.

More importantly, leadership training, when done correctly, can be designed as learning experiences that may provide deliberate practice of new skills and behaviors.

Again, I believe training can be a multiplier. Just make sure you multiply something positive and great.

Why companies stick to training when there are other more effective interventions?
Because the problem of relying only on leadership training isn’t obvious to many corporate trainers. There are dozens of interventions, but they insist on classroom training because they are trainers.

Even the most interactive, entertaining, experiential, and fun-filled leadership training program will fail to develop leaders when training isn’t the answer.

The good news is that we are making progress. In some parts of the globe, designers are now disrupting the training industry and are embracing learning experience design.
What makes the learning experience design more effective?

Why learning experience design is more effective than traditional training?

Learning experience design is more effective than traditional training because the focus shifted to what the learners get, not just on what the trainers do.

But learning experience designers like us are still the minority in the Philippines.
The goal of many trainers is still the effective delivery of instruction. Ours is business innovation.

Let me expound this.

The problem is not training. The wicked problem is that in many organizations, those who are tasked to develop leaders do not fully understand why they develop leaders.

And when there is a lack of understanding, there is no commitment.

Develop leaders so you can add, create, and multiply the value of products and services you provide to your customers.

Develop leaders so you make a difference in the lives of those who work with you and the world you serve. Leadership development and leadership training are done to make business innovation.

Plain and simple, but powerful.

Get in touch!

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