Roadmap 2023

As much as I want evergreen content, I am happy to invent, reinvent, and innovate. For example, the workshops I conduct for clients provide me with learning experiences that help improve the following workshops.

I am open to collaboration and partnership. So, contact me if you want to become part of my roadmap.

April 2023

Team Building Programs. I will offer the following programs

  • Team Alignment
  • Team Accountability
  • Team Commitment
  • Team Engagement

I redesigned these team-building programs for one-day learning experiences.

You can also participate in a series of webinars and virtual workshops.

  • Five Dysfunctions of A Team
  • Leading Teams to Success
  • Team Building that Gets Results

I will also start a series of interviews on Building Teamwork. 

We will launch as a community for capacity builders.

May 2023

I will launch a series of training videos on leadership. I will provide tips on developing leadership skills.

We are expecting many team-building workshops. I will be very active in May. I have no worries. I am going to build a pool of team-building facilitators.

I will offer three online sessions for supervisors. 

  • Time Mastery
  • HyperFocus
  • Effective Delegation Made Easy

I will start a new online course on effective delegation too. 

We are also going to start a new company.

June 2023

I will publish a series of interviews about Barangay Leadership. It may come a bit earlier, though, since I will get help. This project is my personal CSR. We will feature barangay leaders and youth leaders.

You may join two online sessions for supervisors.

  • High-Impact Feedback Giving
  • The GROW Model of Coaching

I may also offer a public seminar on Coaching and Mentoring: Strategies to Solve Performance Problems and Build Winning Teams. This will be a collaborative effort.

July to September 2023

Leaders seldom get offers on Thinking Skills. I have designed the following programs and I will do Beta Testing soon.

  • The Decision Maker
  • The Creative Problem Solver
  • The Effective Planner

I will publish guides on mind maps, design thinking, and creativity tools.

I will keep this page updated.

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