I encourage you to become a remarkable employee. Strive for excellence at work. In my experience, pursuing excellence is always better than choosing mediocrity.

There’s an emerging idea that promotes doing just enough – the bare minimum. It’s called “quiet quitting” where, instead of resigning, employees mentally check out, delivering only what’s required.

While it may seem a peaceful form of protest or self-preservation to some, there’s immense power and potential in striving to be remarkable.

Swimming against this current and choosing to be remarkable has its own set of powerful rewards. Here’s why standing out is a pursuit worth every ounce of effort.

What makes an employee remarkable?

A remarkable employee is someone who consistently exhibits exceptional skill, dedication, and initiative in their field, going above and beyond their duties to contribute value, foster collaboration, and drive positive change in their workplace and industry.

You can stand out. Not necessarily for your title or attire, but for the aura you emanate – one of dedication, initiative, a hunger for growth, and a spirit of collaboration. 

In Tagalog, the term “remarkable” can be translated into several words or phrases, depending on the context. Some translations include Kahanga-hanga – which is a direct translation for “remarkable” or “admirable,” Pambihira – which can mean “extraordinary” or “rare,” and Natatangi which refers to something that stands out or is distinguished.

Let’s delve deeper into what truly defines a remarkable employee.

Initiative: Preemptively Addressing Challenges

When it comes to initiative, a remarkable employee doesn’t wait for problems to manifest before they act. They’re always a step ahead, identifying potential hiccups and working on solutions even before these challenges become evident to others.

For instance, imagine Jake, a project manager.

Before rolling out a new software tool for his team, he already envisions possible user issues. So, he sets up training sessions, creates a FAQ document, and ensures a support team is in place, all before the software’s official launch. 

This preemptive approach ensures smoother transitions and reduces downtime.

Dedication: Wholeheartedly Present in Their Roles

Dedication isn’t just about clocking in hours; it’s about the essence you bring to those hours. Remarkable employees are wholly immersed, mentally, emotionally, and passionately. Every task, no matter how small, gets their full attention.

Consider Rosa, a customer relations officer. 

Even when faced with routine inquiries, she listens intently, ensuring she grasps the client’s concerns. She doesn’t just aim to close a ticket; she’s dedicated to leaving the client satisfied and reassured. 

It’s this undivided focus that transforms ordinary tasks into moments of excellence.

Continuous Learning: Where Growth Is Paramount

What’s relevant today might be obsolete tomorrow. Remarkable employees grasp this and ensure they’re always evolving. Their hunger for knowledge isn’t driven by mandatory company training but by an internal drive to be the best version of themselves.

Imagine Liam, a digital marketer. 

Even though he excels in his current role, he’s always enrolling in online courses, attending seminars, or reading up on the latest trends. It’s not about clocking CPD (Continued Professional Development) hours for him.

It’s about staying ahead, being innovative, and ensuring he brings the latest insights to the table.

Teamwork: Championing a Collaborative Environment

Being remarkable is not a solo journey. It’s about uplifting everyone around you. These employees understand that the success of a team is greater than the sum of its parts. They foster an environment where ideas are freely exchanged, and everyone’s strengths are harnessed.

Take Aisha, a team leader in a creative agency. 

While she’s a reservoir of ideas herself, she always ensures brainstorming sessions involve everyone, from interns to senior designers. For her, every perspective is valuable.

By promoting this inclusive atmosphere, not only are diverse ideas generated, but every team member also feels a sense of ownership and pride in the projects.

These intangible qualities—initiative, dedication, continuous learning, and teamwork — truly distinguish a remarkable employee in the workplace.

They are the silent forces that drive innovation, efficiency, and success in any organization.

Benefits of Being Remarkable

Quiet quitting does not benefit you. It does not benefit the company. I think that the best protest is excellence. Here are some benefits of being remarkable at work.

1. Career Growth

When you’re a beacon of excellence, opportunities don’t just knock – they barge in. Remarkable employees often find themselves on a faster track to promotions and leadership roles. Their dedication and passion make them prime candidates for advancement.

Beyond just promotions, they’re the ones chosen for specialized training, overseas assignments, or critical projects. The organization sees them as assets, willing to invest more in their growth.

2. Personal Satisfaction

There’s an unmatched fulfillment in knowing you’ve given your best. Remarkable employees sleep better, harboring the satisfaction of a job well done. Their confidence soars, not because of external praise, but due to the inner knowledge of their unmatched commitment.

Moreover, this sense of accomplishment radiates beyond work. It impacts personal life, relationships, and overall well-being. They’re not just happy at work; they’re happier in life.

3. Influence

Exceptional work grants you an influential voice. When you’re remarkable, your opinions matter, and your suggestions are sought after. Your track record makes you a trusted advisor in your field, and people, from colleagues to superiors, lean in when you speak.

This influence also extends beyond the workplace. Being recognized as an expert or a top performer in your industry can open doors to speaking engagements, workshops, or even authoring articles or books.

4. Skills Enhancement

Consistently pushing boundaries means you’re in a continuous loop of learning and growth. By striving for excellence, remarkable employees inadvertently sharpen their skills, become more adaptable, and stay ahead in their industry.

It’s not just about getting better at what you do. It’s about expanding horizons. By constantly seeking challenges, they often acquire new skills – ones they might not have imagined possessing.

The Path to Remarkability

Choosing to be remarkable is choosing a path of resilience, growth, and satisfaction. While the siren call of mediocrity is tempting, remember that the treasures of excellence are manifold and lasting. 

Step out of the shadows, embrace challenges, and shine in your true potential. It’s not just about being remarkable at work; it’s about leading a remarkable life.

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