The Punong Barangay, also known as the Barangay Captain, is often misunderstood and underestimated. Every Punong-Barangay has executive, judicial, and legislative powers. This alone should make the executive, the CEO of this public corporation, to be very powerful.

It is unfortunate that many barangay leaders do not understand the implications of their powers. They have the unique ability to accelerate the transformation of their communities.

So, let’s dig deeper.

Role of the Punong-Barangay

The role of the Punong Barangay is often misunderstood, often by the barangay chairpersons themselves who deem themselves as lieutenants of town mayors. They do not see themselves as the CEO of their barangays.

We must help the barangay leaders become more purpose-driven. To help you understand what makes the barangay chairperson different from other government leaders, let me show you the distinction.

Local Leader

The Punong-Barangay is akin to the guiding star of their community, leading and guiding their barangay or neighborhood. They oversee all local activities and ensure that everything functions harmoniously.

For instance, during local festivals, they’re in charge of logistics and ensuring everyone’s safety. Their leadership ensures such events run smoothly, becoming memorable occasions for the community.

Moreover, they’re often the first point of contact for residents seeking guidance or voicing concerns, reinforcing the Chairperson’s role as the neighborhood’s touchstone.

Chosen by the People

Every three years, there’s an opportunity for change. Residents come together to vote and choose a Punong-Barangay they believe will serve them best. This democratic process ensures that the selected leader truly represents the community’s voice and aspirations.

It’s more than just an election; it’s the community’s trust placed upon an individual to steer the barangay in the right direction.

Team Player

Leadership isn’t a solo endeavor. The Barangay Chairperson works closely with the Barangay Council, a team of seven dedicated councilors.

Together, they brainstorm, plan, and execute decisions and projects for the barangay. Their combined efforts ensure a holistic approach to governance.

Think of them as a harmonious orchestra, with the Chairperson conducting the melody of progress and unity.

Guardian of Peace

Community peace is invaluable. Whenever disputes arise – perhaps between neighbors over boundaries – the Punong-Barangay steps in as a mediator. Their role involves fostering dialogue, understanding, and ultimately finding amicable solutions to problems.

By maintaining harmony, they ensure that the barangay remains a peaceful sanctuary for all its residents.

Project Planner

Vision becomes reality through projects. Whether it’s building playgrounds or repairing roads, the Barangay leader spearheads these initiatives.

They identify what the community needs, gather feedback, and then set plans in motion. It’s about creating tangible improvements that residents can see and benefit from.

Every completed project is a testament to their dedication to elevating the barangay’s quality of life.

Helper in Need

When calamity strikes, the Punong-Barangay is on the front lines. Whether it’s a typhoon or a local emergency, they coordinate relief and rescue operations.

They ensure that aid reaches those in need, from food packs to emergency shelters. 

Their leadership is crucial in navigating the community through crises.
In such testing times, their role transforms from a local leader to a beacon of hope.

Voice of the People

The barangay’s concerns need a voice at higher levels of governance. The Barangay leader represents and advocates for their community in broader governmental discussions.

If there’s a need for resources or policy changes, they’re the ones pushing the agenda forward, ensuring the barangay’s needs are heard and met.

Their advocacy ensures that the community isn’t overlooked in regional or national discussions.

Money Manager

Every peso counts. The Barangay Chairperson is responsible for the community’s budget, ensuring it’s allocated effectively and transparently.

Projects, maintenance, and community events – all require funds. The Chairperson ensures the money is spent judiciously, prioritizing essential needs and long-term benefits.

It’s a balancing act, one that ensures the community thrives today and is prepared for tomorrow.

Community Builder

Beyond projects and governance, the Barangay leader plays a crucial role in nurturing community spirit. They organize events, drives, and programs that bring residents together.

Be it a tree-planting activity or a cultural night, these events foster unity, understanding, and camaraderie among residents. Their initiatives ensure that the barangay remains not just a place to live, but a tightly-knit community.

Challenges Overcomer

Every leadership role comes with its challenges. From resource constraints to differing opinions within the council, the Punong Barangay faces these head-on.

Their adaptability and problem-solving skills are crucial in navigating these hurdles. By focusing on solutions and consensus-building, they ensure steady progress.

Through their resilience and determination, they demonstrate that challenges, no matter how tough, can be overcome for the community’s greater good.

By understanding these roles and the depth of responsibilities the Barangay Chairperson carries, we can truly appreciate their dedication and importance in shaping the heart and soul of our neighborhoods.

10 Qualities of Good Punong Barangay

Every barangay, or neighborhood, is like a mini-community. At the helm of each barangay is a Barangay Chairperson, steering the ship and guiding residents towards a brighter and better future. 

Just like any great leader, they need certain qualities to be truly effective. Here are ten standout qualities that make an excellent Punong Barangay 


Dedication is like a burning flame that keeps leaders going. Good Barangay Chairpersons are deeply committed to their role, tirelessly serving their community day in and day out.

They’re the first ones to arrive during community events and often the last to leave. Their devotion ensures that every task, big or small, is seen through to completion.
When residents see this kind of dedication, it builds trust and respect, fostering a stronger community bond.

Good Listener

Listening is more than just hearing words. Great Barangay Chairpersons truly understand the concerns, ideas, and feelings of their residents.

They don’t just wait for their turn to speak; they give everyone a platform to voice out. This ensures that all concerns, big or small, are addressed.

By being good listeners, they show that every resident’s opinion is valued, promoting unity and cooperation within the barangay.


Leaders should never be locked behind closed doors. An excellent Punong-Barangay is someone residents can easily approach, whether it’s to share a concern, ask a question, or simply chat. Their friendly demeanor makes residents feel comfortable and valued. It’s like having a trusted elder in a big family everyone can turn to.

This open-door policy fosters transparency and builds a community where everyone feels heard and included.


Decision-making is a hallmark of leadership. When challenges arise, a Barangay Chairperson needs to make choices that benefit the majority. While they value everyone’s input, they know when to take a stand and guide the community in a specific direction.

This decisiveness ensures that the barangay progresses steadily and doesn’t get stuck in endless debates or discussions.


Empathy is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes. Barangay Chairpersons, by truly understanding the feelings and situations of their residents, can make compassionate decisions.

Whether it’s helping a struggling family or mediating disputes, they approach situations with kindness and understanding.

This quality ensures that residents feel cared for and that the community thrives in harmony and mutual respect.


Having a vision means looking ahead. Barangay Chairpersons dream big for their community, envisioning a better and brighter future. They set clear goals, like building a new community center or creating youth programs, and motivate everyone towards achieving them.

With their visionary leadership, they ensure the barangay continuously grows and evolves for the better.


Change is the only constant. Whether it’s a sudden storm or a shift in government policies, Barangay Chairpersons need to adapt and guide their community through it.
They’re not stuck in their ways but are flexible, adjusting their strategies when needed.

This adaptability ensures the barangay remains resilient and can face any challenge head-on.

Trust is built on transparency. Good Barangay Chairpersons are open about their decisions, the barangay’s finances, and other essential matters.

Residents are regularly updated, ensuring everyone is on the same page and there’s no room for misunderstandings or suspicions.

By being transparent, they build a foundation of trust that’s essential for a united and progressive community.

Team Player

No leader can do it all alone. Barangay Chairpersons know the importance of teamwork and collaborate closely with the Barangay Council and other community leaders.

They value everyone’s input, recognizing that diverse perspectives lead to more rounded and effective solutions.

This team spirit ensures that the barangay’s leadership is cohesive, and united in their mission to serve the community.


A Barangay Chairperson’s enthusiasm is infectious. Their motivation and passion for serving the community inspire everyone around them to give their best.

Even when things get tough, they remain optimistic, providing the energy and drive needed to overcome hurdles.

With their unwavering motivation, they act as a beacon, lighting up the path towards community growth and development.

By recognizing and valuing these qualities, communities can choose Barangay Chairpersons who truly represent them, ensuring a brighter and more harmonious future for everyone.

5 Tips on Choosing Your Next Barangay Leaders

Selecting the right leaders for your barangay is crucial. They’ll shape the future of your community, make vital decisions, and represent your needs. Here are five important tips to keep in mind when choosing your next barangay leaders:

Research Their Background:

Knowledge is power. Before casting your vote, dig a little into the candidates’ backgrounds. Find out about their past roles, achievements, and any potential controversies. A person’s track record can often indicate their future actions and integrity.

Were they involved in any significant projects or initiatives that benefited the community? Do they have any leadership or administrative experience? Such details can provide insight into their capabilities.

However, while experience is valuable, it’s equally important to gauge their character. Talk to those who’ve worked with them or know them personally. It’s crucial to choose leaders who are both competent and morally upright.

Engage and Ask Questions

Elections are a great time to interact directly with candidates. Attend barangay meetings, forums, or town halls where they present their platforms.

Use these opportunities to ask questions. What are their plans for the community? How do they intend to tackle pressing issues? Their responses can provide clarity on their vision and approach.

It’s essential to choose someone who doesn’t just provide generic answers but has a clear, actionable plan for the community’s betterment.

Consider Their Vision for the Barangay
Every leader should have a vision – a clear idea of where they want to take the community in the future. Listen to their proposals and weigh them against the barangay’s needs and priorities.

Does their vision align with the community’s aspirations? Are their plans realistic and achievable? It’s important to choose leaders who have a clear roadmap for progress and growth.

Observe Their Interaction with Residents

A good leader is approachable and values the opinions of their constituents. Watch how candidates interact with residents during campaigns or meetings.

Are they genuinely listening to people’s concerns, or are they just going through the motions? Do they treat everyone with respect, regardless of their status or background? 

Leadership should be about service, not power. Choose someone who truly cares about the community.

Evaluate Their Team

Remember, while the Barangay Chairperson is vital, the entire Barangay Council will be making decisions together. It’s a collective effort. Look into the people who are running alongside the main candidates.

Are they competent? Do they have the barangay’s best interests at heart? A strong leader should be surrounded by a capable and dedicated team.

Your vote is your voice. By considering these tips, you’ll be better equipped to select barangay leaders who will genuinely work for the community’s benefit and steer it toward a prosperous future.

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