Yesterday, I wrote a piece on how public speaking turned my life around.

I asked myself this morning, what else can I share? I have three projects in the next three months. One of them is to put together an online class in public speaking. I still don’t know when and for how long. But it should not be anything like what is already offered. I will tell you my next steps if you will show interest.


It was my mentor Vic who reminded me of what I already knew when I was peddling goods.

I ignored this knowledge because when I was in Toastmasters in 2006, I tried to become like the World Champions in Public Speaking. If you have watched how contestants in Toastmasters International deliver speeches, you will understand.

Vic said that though speaking is a performance, it is not about performing on the stage. Because anywhere you stand is your stage.

Public speaking is a celebration of gift-giving.

You have something so valuable and so important you are sharing with your audience. You know that what you are going to say will make a difference.

Your message may educate, equip, inspire, and entertain them. Your message may help your audience see clearly the real problem and show how to solve the problems they have.

That even your mess can be a message if it serves your audience.

Early in life, I learned this principle when I was selling goods. I sold goods to feed my family. But later, I realized that what I was doing was service. People need something – and I can help them get that something.

They did not need to go to a market to buy newspapers, spices, dried fish, and others because I was bringing these goods to them.

Public speaking is a celebration of gift-giving. You don’t have to be afraid to give it. Give it fully and with confidence.

Now, not everyone will listen to you. It is just like saying not everyone will buy your goods or accept your gifts.

That’s okay.

You move on. Find people who need your next speech.

This single idea changed the way I delivered my speeches. I still study how to use speaking techniques, especially now that almost everything is done online.

The idea that public speaking is gift-giving works for me. Use it too.

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