Online buyers beware.

Business is good for Lazada. Their delivery van goes around the neighborhood each day.

The delivery man said that he now serves more than a thousand orders every day. That means some household order more than one.

We can say the same for other delivery services like Shoppe Philippines.

And then, you have enterprising people who deliver goods door to door.

Business is booming because people are buying online. Filipinos are learning that all they need is a mobile app and a credit card. They can buy almost anything they want without the hassle of going out.

But let us be careful. Because we can buy something in two clicks does not mean we have to buy.

Doing so may help the economy, but we still have to minimize interactions with others. Covid-19 is still here, and by all indications, it won’t go away tomorrow.

Always wear a mask. You are in your house, but the delivery man can be a carrier. Don’t be complacent.

Wash your hands. Sanitize your packages.

Don’t buy what you don’t need.

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