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Buy local.

A friend urges me not to buy China products. Buying China supports The Chinese government’s island grabbing activities.

Another friend said that almost everything you can buy online is from China.

I said support local. Yes, I am against island grabbing. But I am not against an honest Chinese businessman.

But during these challenging times, we should buy local. Money is a scarce resource these days. We can choose to buy local X than imported Y.

Three-fourths of the money we use to buy local products stay with the community. Explore with your family your local options.

Buy local.

Angry customers

The Customer Is Always Right, Really?

The customer is always right. You must have heard of it a dozen times. Companies preach this dictum to employees. We are willing to accept it as true until we meet our customers. Customers are people. And people are not always right.



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