Most Filipinos can read and write, but many cannot separate fact from fiction.

Scammers prey on them. Promise high ROI, and they jump in. Scammers disappear when caught. But they return when people forget. People forget in a matter of weeks.

Politicians manipulate Filipinos because they are quick to believe that everything on Facebook is factual. Troll farms feed them factoids for breakfast. Then they share what they ate.

Be careful with what you read. Unlike in the olden days, you can fact-check what you read. When something is too good or too bad to be true, it is not true.

Learning Opportunities

I design and deliver new leadership learning experiences. Explore these leadership training programs.

exemplary leadership

Breakthrough Leadership Workshops

Breakthrough Leadership is a training program for leaders who have the courage to do what they've not done before to achieve great results.

Good Life

Develop Good Leaders

The aim of leadership training is to provide leaders with a good foundation and to help them develop leadership skills and vital behaviors that bring better results.

Jef Menguin

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