this man is afraid of something i do not know

Don’t spread doom.

Most Filipinos can read and write, but many cannot separate fact from fiction.

Scammers prey on them. Promise high ROI, and they jump in. Scammers disappear when caught. But they return when people forget. People forget in a matter of weeks.

Politicians manipulate Filipinos because they are quick to believe that everything on Facebook is factual. Troll farms feed them factoids for breakfast. Then they share what they ate.

Be careful with what you read. Unlike in the olden days, you can fact-check what you read. When something is too good or too bad to be true, it is not true.

Angry customers

The Customer Is Always Right, Really?

The customer is always right. You must have heard of it a dozen times. Companies preach this dictum to employees. We are willing to accept it as true until we meet our customers. Customers are people. And people are not always right.



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