Live this day as if it were your last.

If today were your last day, what would you do?

” I would make this day a memory. I would be a great husband, a loving father, a compassionate co-worker, an active citizen, a good son, an inspiring speaker, a mindful businessman”.

How old are you now? Do you think that you still have fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, or five years to live? Do you think you’ll get to 100 years old – and get 100,000 pesos from the government?

I hope to live until I am 100.

I hope to live healthy, strong and evergreen.

I hope to live wealthy and wise each day of my life for so many years that there is no time to get tired of living.

But I know one thing my friend: tomorrow is promised to no one. What I only have is today, this moment.

What you are reading now might be a memory of me.

Every today could be a last performance. This could be my last chance to tell my wife that I love her more than I love myself. This could be my last chance to tell my mother that I am sorry because I was not able to give her the best life that I have always wanted to give her. This could be my last chance to give my son a hug before I live for work. This could be my last chance to do good for my country, to do good for my friends, and to do good for strangers.

I will not waste this day for nothing. And I encourage you, my friend, to make the most of this day. Do not tarry. Do not wait for the right time because today is the time given to you and me.

Live this day as if it were your last.

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