Join the Thrive Community

Join the Thrive Community,

Get connected with people who want to become leaders too. The Thrive Community offers you opportunities to get new insights, tools, and strategies. Be the first one to know about our free online courses, webinars, and virtual meetups.

The Community is intended to bring Filipino leaders together. That means that there are times that we speak in our language. But don’t let this stop you from joining. Filipinos know how to speak English and we have dedicated English-only forums for everyone.

There are vital behaviors that can help you succeed as a member.

  1. Build others up. The community serves to lift everyone up. That includes you. Our intention is to bring people together so they can support each other.
  2. Maintain harmony. There are times that we may come into disagreements about certain topics. We don’t have to create artificial harmony. Conflict offers opportunities for growth. We only need to remember that we are here to build each other up.
  3. Welcome new members. This is one habit that every leader must learn. Show people that you notice their presence and you are looking forward to helping that person get the most from the community. This is the Thrive Community and we want everyone to win.
  4. Offer incentives and motivation. I offer what I know. This is why I host free webinars and provide members exclusive access to some of my online courses. You can do the same too. We can collaborate, create our shows, and make the world recognize our members. Remember, we are here to build each other up.
  5. Have a dose of healthy vanity. It is okay to promote yourself and your products. But not too much. I say you can do that 20 percent of the time you engage with us. Some of us offer products and services that really build up leaders. You can create your own channel somewhere else. Here, you can demonstrate your expertise by helping others.
  6. Reciprocate. You can ask questions and get people to answer you. Be the first to answer questions of others too.
  7. I value integrity, authenticity, malasakit, and personal growth. I hope you’ll do the same. I know that the Thrive Community is meant to evolve as we have a different set of values. It is a good thing to start with core values for the group.

I have groups on Facebook too.

But this Community provides you the rare opportunity to belong. Facebook is a marketplace – and people tend to talk more than listen.

Join the Thrive Community today.

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