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I offer these gifts: free newsletters and email courses. The fastest way to get leadership education is through your email inbox.

I speak from experience. I have subscribed to leadership courses and newsletters. Every day, I get stories that motivate me. I learn new skills and get introduced to new tools for creativity and innovation.

They share their best stuff. I mean, they don’t just spam me with their products and bombard me with sales pitches. They give me what I really need. This is why I placed them in separate folders. They are too important to get mixed with spams. (The spammy emails go to my spam box, of course).


I am paying forward. This is why I am offering you my email courses and newsletters for free. You get free leadership education through your email inbox.

I created three email courses that you may access very soon.

  1. How to Bounce Forward (December 2020)
  2. How to Think Different (February 2021)
  3. How to Start Speaking with Confidence (April 2021)

The reason why I scheduled online courses is so that I can pay attention to group learning. That means that we can focus on a single subject each time. We can also discuss lessons in a forum dedicated to the courses.

You may also subscribe to my newsletters.

  1. Fast Fives on Leadership (Fridays)
  2. Virtual Learners (First Sundays of each Month)
  3. Mondays

I keep each newsletter short and solid. When you subscribed, I recommend that you keep yours in a designated folder so you can easily access your content. I received more than 100 emails every day and it gets messy if your education gets mixed up with less important emails.

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