Malcolm Gladwell talked about the 10,000 Hour Rule. He did not argue for it. Instead, he gave us many examples of successful people who devoted their lives to doing one thing they are passionate about.

However, most people want instant success.

They ignore the 10,000 Hour Rule. Ten thousand hours? They are sick-and-tired of where they are. They need a genie. Or a motivational speaker who can teach them how to be a billionaire by attending a wealth conference.

Most motivational speakers preach “work smart, not hard”. They attract all kinds of people, most of them want to hear the good news for less than 500 pesos. They will try everything that will free themselves from work.

There are different ways of “working smart”.

First, they can change their mindset; they must believe that they are billionaires. The Law of Attraction becomes a convenient new religious doctrine. These will make them attract everything they want. They become magnets of money, fame, and success.

Promotion is easier this way.

If they can produce strong enough vibration, then everything will fall into place. This also works for relationships. Following the Law of Attraction, you can make any girl fall in love with you.

They will throw away the ten thousand hour rule; the Law of Attraction is supreme. Although the Law of Attraction is nothing but the old orasyon, anting-anting, gayuma, and agimat, people can easily accept it because the Secret was revealed by successful shamans.

Oprah happens to be one of them, and Oprah is a rich person.

The second way of working smart is by inviting people to Business Orientation Meetings. Ensure they buy expensive products regularly, and convince them to invite people – their kamag-anak, katrabaho, kapamilya, and kakilala. Multi-level marketing works.

This is why some companies invite motivational speakers to their conventions. They are to persuade people to leave employment and to give more time to their own network marketing business. Many of them claim that employment is just for losers.

I am very sure these big networking companies have employees working for them.

People who have passion for excellence knows that the smartest way to work is to work hard.

Pacquiao is truly one of a kind. He is the best of the best. I do not know whether he got himself involved in MLM or another quick-money scheme before.

This Filipino boxer understands the value of hard work.

He works harder than any other boxer I know. Manny Pacquiao knows that one does not stop working out simply because the opponent is an aging boxer. He worked harder when he prepared for his fight against Mosley. He lost the last fight, but it was not because Marquez worship the Law of Attraction.

Even a technology genius like Bill Gates found success by working hard on his passion. He created wealth because he has been working hard to add value to the lives of others.

Even as a child, the Sage of Omaha learned how to earn money through hard work. He went door to door selling chewing gum, Coca-Cola, or weekly magazines.

Give yourself enough time to accomplish what you want.

A manager who devotes his time to studying effective leadership will eventually become an effective leader.

An inspirational speaker who likes to perfect his storytelling skills will become an effective and inspiring storyteller by giving attention to the art and telling stories every day – on the stage, at the back of the stage, and even when there is no stage.

One who desires to become a writer will eventually become very good if she can give two, four, or eight hours to writing daily.

When you work for something that makes a difference in this world, undertake it with painstaking excellence. The smartest way to change yourself, your community, or the world is by working harder and longer than anyone else.

What is it that you are passionate about? How many hours will you spend today to bring your passion to life?

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