The goal of public speaking is not to impress people. The goal is to impact lives. Those who intend to impress others only succeed in getting louder cheers and a few standing ovation. And are soon forgotten.

The goal of public speaking is to make an impact. The speaker endeavors to change the lives of his audiences. He does that by inspiring both dissatisfaction and action. He does that by helping people desire for a new reality. He does that by encouraging and enabling them.

Speaking is not a self-conscious act. Speaking is serving others.

The next time you speak, remember to give more time to the interest of others. This is simple yet powerful.

Speaking Courses for Leaders

Public speaking can help you achieve many goals. You can impress people with public speaking. But you can always go beyond that. There are more meaningful goals than impressing people. You will be able to make an impact in the world by becoming a speak who change lives. I recommend you explore the speaking courses I offer in the Philippines.

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