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These guides can help you get a good life and thrive. These are the best ideas to read on personal development, leadership, team building, strategic planning, productivity, motivation, public speaking, creativity and innovation, and more.

The central question that drives my writing is ” How can we get a good life and thrive?”. To answer that question, I first write what I feel works for me, interview people, and look for evidence-based research on the subject.

You’ll find interesting articles on how to end procrastination, how to motivate people, how to speak to “change the world”, how to start a business, and how to be happy.

I wrote the guides for people who have the same question and want a different answer. I recognize that other answers work too.

I wrote these guides for my wife, my son JC, and myself. I wrote these guides intending to help Filipinos and the peoples of the world.

Ready to dive in?

Find featured guides below and some articles and blog posts related to them.

New Leaders Guide

The Leadership Guide will introduce leaders to new concepts about leadership, steps to becoming a better leader, how to engage people, and some tools to turn employees into leaders.

new leaders guide

Supervision Kick-Start Guide

The Supervision Quick Guide aims to answer new supervisors’ questions on leading people, managing performance, improving productivity, coaching and mentoring, roles and responsibilities — and more.

supervisor guide

Team Building Guide

The Team Building Guide challenges our old but wrong concepts about team building. It helps you consider the best experiences, games, and activities for your team-building efforts.

team building guide

Values to Action Guide

Values to Action Guide is a teaching tool for leaders. Values are often a vague concept for most employees. Behaviors are visible. If a leader can make the invisible (values) visible (action), it would be easy for employees to act.

values to action guide

Blog Posts

Speak to connect.

Connect rather than impress. The shortest distance between two persons is authentic communication. A person who always aims for impression is insecure. And maybe you are. You cannot erase insecurity by showing off. A show off is deemed selfish. Everyone…

A call for voluntary ECQ

How are you today? I pray that you are safe wherever you are. Three days ago, medical workers urged the government to declare ECQ in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. ECQ will delay the spread of the Coronavirus. Medical workers…

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