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Family First

I will begin by introducing to you my family because they are everything to me.

Meet my wife Romelyn.

She is a librarian at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. She’s finished her masters in Library Science in 2018.

She intends to invest her years in public service. She is a conscientious public servant.

So, when I say that I know many passionate and effective public servants, I think of my wife first.

I am proud of her and I have many reasons.

Foremost is her love for our son Jefferson Carlos. She ensures that both of us spend quality time with our child.

JC is an intelligent child – and I am looking forward to see him attend school.

I will not be surprised if he’ll graduate on top of his class for he got the intelligent DNA from his mother. She had read hundreds of books and research papers when he was still swimming inside her.

JC is ever curious. He dances a lot.

Many thanks to Badanamu videos on Youtube. His favorite phrase is “wala na”. He likes the Jollibee Mascot much. He can now mimic sounds and I have observed him make the sounds of the alphabet. I told you… he has his mother’s DNA.

We reside in Los Banos, Laguna.

LB is cool in most months of the year. We decided to reside in LB because we want JC to grow in a peaceful place and to appreciate the beauty of nature. It was also my way of avoiding the noisy busyness of Metro Manila.

I stayed in Quezon City from 1997 to 2013. I had offices in Quezon City and Makati City. I left both of these offices and decided to work with a lean team.

I don’t need these physical offices to serve my clients. I conduct training programs and deliver speeches all over the Philippines.

I am making my own luck here.

Yes, I still serve clients from Metro Manila. Moving to Laguna extended my reach. I am happy and “lucky” here. I decided to hold my by-invitation bootcamps, masterclasses, and seminars in Los Banos.

Mt. Makiling stimulates my creativity.

Also, there are outstanding invitations to speak outside of the country.

Remember this: While doing your best to change the world, always remember that you have a family. Take care of your family first.They’ll be your strength.

January 2017.

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