My first aside is free writing. That means I am writing this paragraph last. Today, I talk about a change of focus and some of my initiatives for the coming months.

Change of Focus

I have not published a new post for this blog for two months. But I did not stop writing. I continue to write every day, as it has been my habit to write at least 750 words a day.

There are times that I write 3000 words or more. For example, I wrote the page on cyberbullying in one sitting. As of this time, it is about 30 percent of the plan. I published it, though incomplete, to know how it would resonate with readers.

Google is yet to rank the page. After that, I may advertise it on Facebook to get an initial reaction. After that, I may write three or more pages to help parents, teachers, and students stop bullying in schools and elsewhere.


Leni Robredo lost the elections of 2022. But she won the admiration of many. Never in the history of the Philippines that a presidential candidate attract more than a million volunteers in a campaign rally, but Leni did it.

People of all professions spent their own money and time to advance her candidacy. I am a member of HR for Leni, and we aim to help increase employability in the Philippines. We will continue this advocacy because our connection to Leni is a principle, not a personality-based campaign. That means that even in the time of BBM, we will continue to become good citizens.

One can say that this is also the dirtiest of elections. Votes were bought months before the election. Traditional politics was in full force.

People don’t hide it anymore. We know who received what from whom.

The youth were hurt because they witnessed how their future was sold by most for as low as 500 pesos. So naturally, they tried to explain their side. But the trolls, fake news, lies, and deceit won these elections.

I am not bitter. I have been disappointed so many times, and I knew this would happen.

Though many are afraid of another Marcos presidency, I am not. I will continue to do what I do best: educate people.

Voter Education

I will invest some of my time in voter education. My advocacy is beyond Marcos Jr. It is beyond this time.

In truth, I am praying that everything that educated people said against him is not true. I am praying that he will become a good president. I know that the chance is very slim, but I will pray for him.

There will be elections in the Philippines. We will continue to believe that election equals democracy.

I do not think so.

When people look at politicians as patrons, there is no democracy. People who sell their votes encourage cheating. They do that because they do not believe in good governance.

I will interview people and create videos.

I will let the idea spread.

Good Citizenship & Leadership

I am also looking at programs that promote good citizenship. In June 2022, I will start designing capacity-building programs. Good citizenship would be the first of these programs.

I will convert my Good Leadership page on Facebook to video interviews. I am hoping it will stick.

We elect bad leaders because most of us do not take our roles as citizens seriously. I am not judging people. I grew up in the slums. Though most of what I do these days is to train professionals, I still spend time helping people from the slums.

I know how they think. I listen to conversations.

Most people in the laylayan [mfn] poorest of the poor [/mfn] are the targets of misinformation and disinformation. They do not know that they must participate in governance.

I am sharing this here because some readers will find this an excellent idea. You can help by sharing your expertise. Or you can invest in it.

Player, Not a Fan

There are times that I spend hours, without me realizing it, debating against trolls and fanatics. I do not like it when people, some of whom are pastors and teachers, spread fake news and apparent lies.

I typically respond by asking them for sources. Most often, they answer by calling me dilawan or pinklawans. I am neither. As I have said, I am not in the habit of calling people names. It is lazy to explain people’s stand based on colors.

Consider that nobody called Marcos pulahan or Sara Duterte Berde. People call Marcos magnanakaw because that’s the reason why they don’t want him.

I provide sources to show people that they are misinformed in my comments. For example, I show court decisions or data from the government.

But doing this does not seem to have an impact at all. Truth-telling isn’t working. People would rather believe a lie aligned to their biases.

I am switching.

I am changing my focus.

I am not a fan. I am a player. I do not have to fight with trolls or debate with fanatics.

Instead of reacting, I will initiate. I will shape the narrative and tell my stories to those who need them most.

My son, for example, needs to know the truth. Because when he grows up, he will be meeting people who only know made-up stories about our nation.

Tito Sotto said that no one could erase history. He is wrong. Much of the history of early Filipinos were erased by the Spaniards. Hence, our colonial mentality.

The history of Nutribun is another example. Nutribun was a symbol of poverty, corruption, and government incompetence. Unfortunately, Isko Moreno has a false memory of it. He bought the Marcos campaign hook, line, and sinker.

I am changing focus because the situation changed.

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