Personal development is a journey to personal transformation. Your aim is not only to improve your knowledge, skills, and attitude. It is not only to make a little improvement in every aspect of your life. Personal development allows you to transform your life.

Thousand of books have been written to explain the steps, models, and formulas on “how to become your best” or “how to create a new you.” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is essentially about personal development.

You may study personal development in school, but it is the object of many social sciences, physical sciences, and spirituality studies.

You don’t become an expert in self-development, although some gurus claim they are. This is because personal development is a life-long process, and we are still discovering more about ourselves.

Most of what we know about human beings is an attempt to explain our experiences.

Personal development is also a collective term for individuals’ activities, processes, and steps to become the best they can be. Notice that this is also the objective of many religions in the world today.

Motivational speakers may tell you different things, but the object of their talks is all about self-development. Why? Because those who value personal growth will pay to get it.

One who pursues personal growth creates a personal development plan in any or all of the six aspects of personal development: physical, economic, social, spiritual, relational, and intellectual.

Personal development is a discipline and a continuing quest to create limitless possibilities. You can grow yourself into the best you possible. That means that you can create an awesome and wonderful you.

Pause for a second. The last paragraph does not say that you will reach your fullest potential. Instead, it says that you will create limitless possibilities.

I want you to know that you can create limitless possibilities.

Self-development is not a linear path to “reach your highest potential.” The notion of the highest potential is an invention of those who think an “ideal person” exists. The truth is that you can choose to become the person you want to be.

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