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Inspire & Equip Positive Leaders

An Introduction to Positive Leadership

Hello, my name is Jef Menguin, a mentor and speaker on leadership and change. I believe in positive (or appreciative) leadership. Positive leaders prefer to work on strengths and solutions. This is why I encourage you to be a positive leader.

So no one will think that positive leadership is the same as positive thinking, we’ll define it.

Many Filipino leadership speakers picked speech themes that revolve around positive thinking. Positive thinking is better than negative thinking, you and I know. But positive thinking isn’t enough.

That’s because many positive thinkers tend to be unrealistic. Because positive thinking don’t last. Viktor Frankl taught us this in Man’s Search for Meaning.

Focus on what elevates your organization and its members. Solutions to many leadership challenges are already inside your organization. Many leaders don’t see these solutions. Instead, they see those things that are wrong in an organization.Refocus your attention on what is right in your organization to overwhelm what is wrong.

Positive leadership has its focus on human experience, on what is experienced as good, on what is extraordinary, and what is inspiring.

All of the workshops that I designed are inspired by positive leadership. Examples are Customer Experienced Management, Lingkod Bayani, Champions@Work, and Transformational Leadership.

The tools of Design Thinking and the Influencer Model are very useful when you have clear understanding of Positive Leadership. Gamification strategies are more powerful when you consider positive leadership.

Leadership is influence. You can use the Influencer Model to deliver Results that really matter.

Positive leadership uses scientific evidence and theoretically-ground principles to create positive impact in the lives of individuals and organizations.

Jef Menguin is a leadership speaker who has inspired and equipped thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. You’ll find Positive Leadership desirable, achievable, and doable… and profitable.

Leadership Conversations: Beyond Speeches

Leadership Conversations are two-hour sessions I facilitate for leaders of organizations. Each session inspires and equip leaders. Each also provides leaders opportunities to agree on how to lead your organization to the next level.

Organizations use leadership conversation so they can…

  • Increase leaders influence
  • Engage employees and leaders
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Develop a culture of excellence
  • Reduce employee turn over
  • Reduce cost while improving product quality
  • Growth in revenue and savings
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Attracting new clients
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Innovate customer experience
  • Create new products and services
  • Introduce and sustain change
  • And many more…

Leadership Conversations are effective because you’re developing leaders based on the context of your organization. 

Below are short descriptions of each leadership conversations.

From Values to Action

Leaders model the way. It is imperative that leaders inside your organization understand full well how they demonstrate leadership daily.

Help them examine their deeply held leadership values — and how each of these are manifested in the workplace through their actions.

From Values to Action is a two-hour learning session where leaders, through experiential activities, will have opportunities to examine their values, how each is manifested through their work behaviors, and the impact of each to the mindset and behaviors of the people they lead.

Leaders model the way. It is important that you provide them opportunities to identify desired shared values — and help them define the behaviors your organization expect leaders to show and tell everyday.

This session leads to accountability agreement on how to reinvent your organization from values to action.

When leaders talk about organization values, you are giving the opportunity to work towards on direction. You allow them to see what makes them one and why they have to accomplish things together. Many of training providers ignore core values when they teach functional competencies. Probably, they think that values are just concepts.

This is risky.

Your leaders must demonstrate value in their behaviors. It is their behaviors that shows everyone what you truly value. You ought to keep your eyes on your core values, but leaders forget this.

This is why Values to Action is a very important conversation.

When values are clarified, you can help your leaders ask the right tough questions.

Questions of Accountability

When leaders change their questions, they change the direction and speed of the organization.

The quality of questions we ask ourselves determine the quality of answers we get. There are questions that debilitate leaders and hamper the growth of your organization. These questions lead to blaming, procrastination, and victim mentality.

In this Leadership Conversation, your intention is create awareness and to encourage greater sense of personal accountability.

Your people will move from victim to hero, from being a procrastinator to do-it-now problem-solver and opportunity-seeker, from being a blame-thrower to change-maker. Big goals, I know. But solutions to this big problems do not need to be difficult or impossible.

This  two-hour exercise leadership conversation will develop in your leaders the attitude and skills of personal accountability. Use this to encourage the culture of personal accountability inside your organization and make everyone accountable to their actions and inaction.

Jef Menguin brings the real-world insights both of a business leader and a social entrepreneur. Providing more than just business entertainment, Jef Menguin gives actionable advice that your people will use immediately.

He is the president of Compass Center for Leadership, Management, and Governance — the customer-centered, result-oriented, and competency-based consulting company responsible for providing leadership learning experiences that inspire, equip, and enable leaders in the workplace.

When you want a leadership speaker who begins where you are and who is fanatical about service and in helping you to get where you want to go, get Jef Menguin.

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