Why Employee Motivation Is Always on the Table

I’ve got something interesting to share about a topic that keeps popping up in my leadership training requests: employee motivation. It’s the most requested solution managers ask for. They often come to me asking for training programs based on the latest trends.

But, you know what? It’s always clear that what they’re trying to solve is the lack of employee motivation.

When employees aren’t being innovative or creative, the finger often points to motivation. When performance levels drop, the culprit is usually seen as a lack of motivation. Whatever skills managers ask me to design for their leaders, it always circles back to this one thing: motivation.

Executives, on the other hand, often ask me to help their managers become better at motivating their teams. They’re frustrated with their managers’ lack of skills in inspiring, engaging, and empowering employees. And I get it. Motivation is often seen as the magic bullet.

Now, I agree that motivation is overrated. You can have a highly motivated person who still underachieves. But here’s the catch—motivation is still essential. It’s the spark that can ignite great performance when combined with the right skills and environment.

So, for these reasons, I’m going to write a series of articles and create videos on employee motivation. I’ll provide actionable ideas for those who want to stay motivated at work and for leaders who want to become motivational powerhouses.

This is going to be exciting. I encourage you to share these articles and videos with your bosses, coworkers, and friends. Spread the love and let’s get everyone motivated!

Until next time,

Jef Menguin

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