The most common definition of marketing is getting people interested in your product and services. This is why one marketing guru claimed that all marketers are liars. Probably, he meant bad marketers are liars.

In my book, marketing is about finding the people (market) who will benefit the most from your products and services.

Marketing is also about finding the people you want to help, people you want to establish a trusting relationship with, then finding the products and services that can solve their problems.

I once met a marketing professional who said she could market anything as long as she had the budget. By that, she meant launching our training business at a conference we could sponsor. We would invite 200 CEOs to the event to present our training programs.

She estimated a 2-million peso budget. Perhaps, she was a good marketer. But I was not able to find that out. Though money can do some marketing miracles, someone can still build relationships with clients even without a 7-figure budget.

Marketing is not an event. Instead, it is a process of building a trusting relationship with clients whom you serve and protect.

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