The origin of the word business refers to the state of being busy. Your business is what keeps you busy. And rightfully so, business people are busy people.

But let me offer you a definition that you may want to use from now on.

A business is an idea that intends to help people. So, it is an idea that solves people’s problems and is an idea that people are willing to buy.

You don’t have to be busy all the time to have a good business. Helping people solve their problems is a good business.

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What is learning?

Learning includes the acquisition of information, knowledge, and skills. But it is more than these. Learning is a change in behaviour brought about by experiences.

Pick Your Problems

You may not be able to solve the world, but you can make a difference when you choose a problem and take action.

What is a kakampink?

So, when a kakampink wears pink, she’s making a statement: I am one, but I am not the only one.

Change How You See Problems

Problems will always exist. You cannot solve all of them. You don’t have to. So, if you are one of those who think that you carry the world on your shoulder, unburden yourself with that idea.
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