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Uncover Your Passion

Uncover your passion. “Passion is key to success” said by a friend. He said no one will ever be successful without passion.

Do you believe that passion is necessary?

I hope so.

Someone who has no passion will force himself to work. And work will tire him. Someone who practices positive thinking cannot stay positive without passion. I do not know how a person can be creative and innovative without passion. That’s how important passion is.

People Always Look for Passion at the Wrong Places

Finding passion is not always easy for most people. They consult self-proclaimed experts — from astrologers to personal branding gurus.

Personality type questionnaires will not tell you where your passion is. I will not discount the value of personality assessment and profiling. It has its use. But you do not answer a multiple choice questionnaire to clarify your passion.

Because Passion Is Within You

Any attempt to find it outside of yourself will be futile. No one can tell you what your passion is. No one can decide for you what your passion should be. Not even your parents. No even your girlfriend or boyfriend.

And that is good news. Finding passion is easier than what you think.

Love and Suffering
Point to Passion

Passion originally means suffering. Recently, the meaning expanded to an intense feeling that moves us to action…and that feeling is usually seen as love.

So, do not be surprised when I tell you to do what you love. I believe all leaders will tell you the same. I cannot claim any originality. Passion is doing what you love.

A good exercise is to get a sheet of paper and write down everything that you love to do. I did this before when I decided to leave the academe.

I love to teach and share ideas to people. But then, I have other loves. I love to travel. I love to meet people. I love to build organizations. I love photography. I love being wealthy.

You get the point….I follow my loves. Okay, do the exercise now before I go to my next point.

Don’t cheat yourself. Do it now.

Okay, now that you have done what I told you. Listen. The next thing is more powerful than the first.

Passion will make you do what you love…but more importantly

Passion Will Make You Do Something
Even If Doing It Will Make You Suffer

You nodded. You have not heard of that before. But you know deep in your heart that I am speaking of the truth. You know it. But no one affirmed you that you were right.

You are willing to suffer when you follow your passion. You are willing to pay the high cost of your dreams, of your aspirations, of your vision… of your future.

Forget the personality-type test…and the horoscopes…and the wizards on stage.

Get your  journal again.Reflect with me.

What is that which will make you rise up every morning even though your body say you do not want to go to work? What is that which will make you work longer hours? What is that which you are willing to die for?

Here’s What I Wrote in My Journal Today

The past few months were terrible months for me. I felt like everything I did for myself, my family, and my company were not working. At times I thought that life was really unfair. It was easier to surrender.

But I did not and I will not.

My Child Keeps Me Alive
My Love Ones Keep Me Inspired

And I offer to them my life.

And as long as I am alive, I will keep working harder and better. I am willing to meet clients even if I hate the traffic situations in Metro Manila — or the kind of people I am about to meet.

I am a man on a mission and my passion fuels me to action.

That should be all for today. I will not hold you any longer. You should give yourself more time to find your passion: that which you love…and you are willing to suffer.

– Jef Menguin

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