Leave Everyone Smiling

To turn strangers into friends, leave them smiling.

To strengthen friendship, leave your friends smiling.

To attract more customers and make every customer come back to your store again and again, let them leave smiling.

To make every member of your team engage and commit to the success of your team, leave them smiling.

To create a culture of goodwill and excellence, know each person in your organization, then leave them smiling.

I believe that the secret to explosive growth in business and in life is when you can leave the people you get in touch with smiling.

So, please leave them smiling.

You can do it. Keep smiling – and little by little you’ll discover the secret on how to leave everyone smiling.

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About Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin writes about personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In Thrive, you will find proven and easy ways to get rid of procrastination and be a go-giver. He explores new ideas about motivation, habits, productivity, and delivering persuasive speeches.

He is a professional speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and the founder of Business Innovation.

He lives in Los Baños with his beautiful wife Romelyn and son Jefferson Carlos. Aside from speaking, coaching, and writing – Jef Menguin enjoys planting ornamental plants, vegetables, and herbs in his backyard. You can learn more about him here.

You can read his writings at Articles.

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