Are you trying to get more things done?

I found many productivity apps counter-productive. They are designed for factory workers, not knowledge creators.

If you are a leader or someone who gets paid for your ideas, you don’t need 36 hours in a day to get more things done. You need to come up with great strategies — and help people around you execute with least efforts.

The output is the measure for factory workers. This is why we invent new technologies and machines. Technology makes work more efficient. Machines work faster than us.

As leaders, we measure ourselves by our outcome and impact. Our job is not to come up with thousands of ideas. No, our job is to find the best ideas that will move humans from assemblers to creators of products that make a great impact.

Why is this important?

To thrive in the new economy, we need to change the way we do things. We need to pick the right technology to get things done. Factory workers don’t need these new apps — and you don’t need them.

Be clear about what you really want. Pause for a while. Identify the outcome that you really want – and the visible impact you want to create.

Use the best software given to you: your brain. Use a pen and paper too.

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