If you are looking for training providers to develop leaders, consider the following organizations.

Strategic Learning Consultants, Inc (SLC Inc)

Strategic Learning Consultants, Inc. is dedicated to fostering exponential growth and creating moments of insight and understanding. They go beyond traditional training and advising, focusing on transformative experiences and inspirational guidance. Their approach includes equipping organizations with the necessary strategies, tools, and mindsets to tackle current complexities and future opportunities.

Their strategy is centered around crafting custom learning journeys, specifically designed to address the unique challenges of each organization. They offer specialized consulting and leadership programs tailored to meet the precise needs of their clients, ensuring relevant and impactful learning experiences

Here are some of the programs offered by Strategic Learning Consultants:

Customer Journey Crafting: Designing Delightful Experiences: A three-day adventure that goes beyond traditional workshops to innovate and spark creativity in customer interactions​​.

Creativity in Everyday Work: Elevating the Ordinary to Extraordinary: This two-day exploration transforms daily tasks into opportunities for innovation, integrating creativity into every aspect of professional life​​.

Team Accountability: Cultivate a Culture of Ownership and Results: A program revolutionizing team interaction and shifting the culture from blame to empowerment and collective success​​.

Present with Presence: Transforming Managers into Inspirational Leaders: A 3-day workshop redefining presentation skills with storytelling, emotional connection, and actionable insights, aimed at transforming managers into inspirational leaders​​.

Adaptive Leadership: Navigating Change, Driving Innovation: Tailored for leaders ready to embrace flexibility and innovation as core strengths in a rapidly changing environment​​.

Walk the Talk: A Workshop on Leading with Authenticity: Focused on the heart of authentic leadership, this workshop explores true leadership presence, trust dynamics, and genuine team connections​​.

Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is renowned for its human-centered approach to leadership development, focusing on creating lasting change and impactful results. As a top-ranked, global, nonprofit provider, CCL specializes in transformational leadership programs that are tailored to the skills needed at every leadership level.

Their offerings include face-to-face and virtual programs, world-class content licensing, and fully customized solutions. CCL’s philosophy revolves around crafting transformational learning journeys for leaders, emphasizing the development of leadership that not only improves bottom lines but also positively impacts lives​

Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a renowned global organizational consulting firm. They specialize in designing optimal organization structures, roles, and responsibilities for clients. Their expertise extends to helping companies hire the right people and providing advice on how to reward and motivate the workforce. Furthermore, Korn Ferry plays a crucial role in developing professionals, assisting them as they navigate and advance in their careers​

John Maxwell Group

The John Maxwell Group is a collective of certified professionals trained in leadership expertise under the guidance of renowned leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell. This platform serves those licensed to speak, coach, and train others using Maxwell’s extensive resources and materials​​.

Known for its global reach, the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team comprises coaches, trainers, speakers, and professionals. They offer a variety of services such as workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. Their aim is to facilitate personal and professional growth for individuals, organizations, and companies worldwide​

Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is a renowned leadership expert and author, best known for his groundbreaking work in management and leadership. His influential book, “The One Minute Manager,” co-authored with Spencer Johnson, has become a staple in the business world.

Blanchard’s approach to leadership focuses on servant leadership and situational leadership. He advocates for leaders to serve and support their teams, adapting their style to the needs of individuals and situations, fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Philippine Society for Talent Development

The Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) is the leading organization for talent development professionals in the Philippines. Established in 1965, PSTD has played a pivotal role in evolving mindsets, concepts, and best practices in talent development. As a Center for Excellence, PSTD offers its members a variety of benefits, including certifications, training programs, summits, forums, research publications, as well as frameworks and tools. It fosters a Community of Practice, encouraging members to connect, collaborate, and contribute to their own development and that of others.

ITD World

ITD World, founded in April 1984, is renowned for transforming leaders and aspiring to change the world for the better. Specializing in leadership and talent development, they offer training, coaching, mentoring, action learning, and consulting services.

Their vision centers on people, striving to uplift lives and help individuals, organizations, and nations achieve their goals. ITD World’s approach goes beyond mere excellence; it’s about creating a happier, better world by enlightening and inspiring people in their personal and professional journeys​

People Management Association of the Philippines

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is a leading professional organization in the field of human resource management and industrial relations. Founded in 1956, PMAP stands as a non-stock, non-profit body with over 2,500 member companies and individual executives. It focuses on molding a sector of competent, socially responsible people managers capable of contributing to nation-building.

PMAP’s efforts extend to enhancing effectiveness on the job through teaching the human aspect of management. They utilize research, publications, career development forums, training programs, and consultancy projects. With 29 chapters across the Philippines, PMAP reinforces its status as a national entity while also engaging in global initiatives through the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) and the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM)

ODE Consulting

ODE Consulting, operational since 1996, stands for Organizational Development Excellence. With a global presence, including offices in Singapore, China, and India, ODE Consulting specializes in delivering people-centric experiences. Their services encompass learning, coaching, and consulting solutions, aimed at helping organizations adapt, align, and embrace agility.

Known for their end-to-end integrated holistic solutions, ODE Consulting has significantly impacted business results and organizational transformation. Their trademark methodologies and approaches are tailored to client needs, emphasizing the development of individuals and organizations towards greater effectiveness and adaptability

Culture Forte

Culture Forte, initially known as Glides Consulting Partners, was established in December 2013. It specializes in executive training, leadership development, and coaching services. Recognized as the Authorized Representative for Singapore and Malaysia of Partners in Leadership, Culture Forte is renowned for its Accountability Training and Culture Change services. 

Their clientele includes multinational corporations across various industries and small and medium-sized enterprises. Under the leadership of Managing Director Henry Lee, Culture Forte’s team comprises independent consultants, coaches, and facilitators committed to delivering pragmatic, customized solutions for organizational and leadership transformation​.


DDI is a global leadership consulting firm renowned for helping organizations hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders. Since its inception in 1970, DDI has focused on creating science-based solutions to profoundly impact leaders and those they guide.

Committed to innovation, DDI works closely with clients to design and implement leadership programs that yield significant results. Their approach is holistic, ensuring every step, from the initial engagement to measuring outcomes, is geared towards client success

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I'm Jef Menguin. In 2007, I discovered something powerful: when we learn playfully, we understand what truly matters.

To me, leadership isn't about being the boss. It's about bringing change, growth, and fresh thinking. That's why I encourage others to think beyond their usual limits and imagine new ways to lead.

I share these ideas as a speaker and trainer. From CEOs to new professionals in the Philippines and elsewhere, I challenge them to think differently. I want people to dive into learning experiences that are deep, fresh, and meaningful.

I believe in creating learning moments that change us. Moments that help teams grow strong, think creatively, and serve customers better.

For me, every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to redefine, to reimagine, and to inspire.

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