Time Management Training Tips

Every year, companies spend millions of pesos on time management training.

Aside from stress management, time management training is obvious solution unproductive employees. Unfortunately, this obvious solution fail again and again. Please allow me to suggest three ways to make your time management training successful.

1. Involve everyone. 

No one likes to be singled out. Make time management training available to all employees.

Understand that time management in the workplace is everyone’s concern. Do you have 2000 employees? That must be a great problem. but the greater problem is to have at least one-tenth of them wasting an hour everyday simply because they lack the know-how of time management.

2. Invest a day in time management training. 

Unfortunately, very few wage earners would want to work overtime for a time management workshop.

True, we can argue that attending one is for their benefit.

However, most time wasters don’t understand this. Some managers don’t want to sacrifice productivity for a one-day training. Let’s use a little of common sense here.

A time-waster who waste an hour everyday is wasting 20 hours in a month (given five-day work) and 140 hours in a year. That must be more than 17 days of wasted productivity.

If you are a time manager, you know that most time-wasters work only for 3 out of 8 hours work. Go figure the numbers!

3. Make training creative and easy to understand.

There are a lot of training materials that are published for businesses that are just simply boring. They are dull and uninteresting and are completely incapable of keeping the attention of people.

The same is true with some facilitators. They lecture all day as if knowing time management will make the participants effective time managers.

If you are to handle the training yourself, personalize your material. Sell the benefits to them by using concrete examples. Get to the point. Your participants must appreciate how your company is investing for their personal and professional growth.

Use your creativity to make lessons fun and more interesting. The training may revolutionize your business, but it is useless if no one pays attention.

Putting some creative effort into the material will also let your employees know that you are serious about time management training, and it will make them want to take it seriously as well.

Jef Menguin


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