Sorry, But Not Guilty?

The cop said that he was sorry for killing the Gregorios. But yesterday he claimed that he was not guilty of murder. I saw the video of the killings – and it looked like murder to me.

I don’t think it was for self-defense. He went to the victim’s house not because he wants to keep the peace. I believe he went there for trouble.

But his lawyers, of course, want it something else.  The burden of proof, as we know it, is always on the accuser. That even with incontrovertible truth, most criminals get away from justice because of a lawyer’s ability to plant a seed of doubt in the mind of judges.

I pray that the Gregorios get the justice – and the judge – that they deserve.

My hope is for the Philippine National Police to pull itself out from the quagmire, and reform. The general impression is that policemen are abusive of their powers. We are frequently reminded of how they acted during the Martial Law years.

I know that many men in uniform are true to their duty. The ones I know are good people and law-abiding citizens. But like most Filipinos, I don’t feel secure when approached by a policeman I don’t know.  I felt that I was in danger and that I have to really be alert.  I had some encounters where I felt like talking to a Guardia Civil in Rizal’s time.

This is not the change people expect from Rodrigo Duterte. Unfortunately, they did not ask him what change he would bring- and how he would make change happen.  Let this be a reminder to all of us so we won’t have to see ourselves in this situation again.

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