A couple of months ago, I set out on a mission: attract 200,000 readers every month. I decided to write pieces like “10 ways to do this” and “10 ways to do that.” And it worked – I attracted 248,000 readers last month, as of October 2023.

But here’s the twist. When I went back to read my work, I found myself yawning. (Except for the 10 Life Rules Inspired by Ikigai.)

Sure, many writers pen articles they’re passionate about, and to them, every word feels right. But I was finding my “10 ways of X” style dry and repetitive. How was I supposed to refine my work if I wasn’t even engaged with it?

Then, during a quiet moment waiting for my family, it hit me.

I had deviated from my own writing principles.

My pieces, while detailed and comprehensive, were becoming skyscrapers – too tall, too long. I might have been providing value, but was I really writing useful ideas in the truest sense of the word?

I had made a commitment to provide one tangible solution that readers can implement immediately. Showering readers with ten ideas at once can be overwhelming. And if the article is too drawn out, they might not even get through it.

My commitment to you is this: I won’t churn out content for the sake of it. I’m writing for you, addressing your needs, fears, and concerns. If I choose to discuss multiple ideas, I’ll ensure each one is impactful, relevant, and concise.

Starting in November, I’ll enhance my approach. I plan to interview individuals like you to grasp your concerns better. I might even share snippets of these interactions. My primary aim is to focus on what truly resonates with my readers.

Always putting people, like you, at the heart of what I do.

And here’s a call to action: help me help you. Share topics you’d love to see explored, and your insights could empower countless others searching for answers they didn’t even know they needed.

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